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Island from opening scene.

Dream Island was the main prize for the winner of Battle for Dream Island. Dream Island is described as a "Square mile of paradise". It has a 5-star hotel, a casino, 6 restaurants, robot servants and the winner even got to choose who to come on Dream Island and and who cannot. In the end, Firey won Dream Island, beating Leafy and Bubble in votes during the finale, Firey let everyone in except Leafy. It was later "rebuilt" in Zeeky Boogy Doog by Team No-Name and soon destroyed from Bomby, causing W.O.A.H. Bunch to win by making a farm-theme island.


  • In BFDIA 1, the Yoylemap said "Dream Island", meaning that if Pin had not ripped up the Yoylemap into pieces, they could possibly have re-found Dream Island.
    • However, it might be in a different location since Leafy stole it.
  • Firey won Dream Island in the first season, but Leafy bought it with paper slips because Firey rejected her, which is considered stealing by other contestants.

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