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Episode Gallery Transcript
Battle for Dream Island - Episode 22 "Don't Pierce My Flesh"06:36

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 22 "Don't Pierce My Flesh"

Firey: Hey Flower, come check this out!
Flower: Whatever it is, I don't care.
Firey: But Flower! This time, it's really important!
Flower: Unless it is Dream Island, I don't wanna hear it!
Firey: Oh... Well, it's a bug...
Flower: GAAH! *hits the bug with a random hammer, the bridge cracked and broke, making both Flower and Firey fall seen by Leafy*
Leafy: Oh my gosh! Firey, I'll save you! *falls with a rope tied to her legs* 
*Firey lands on the end of the fuse connected to Bomby and sets off the fuse* 
*The fuse hits Bomby, exploding and breaking a pole with a platform where Spongy rests* 
*Spongy crushes the Announcer, electrocuting him* 
Bubble: So what do we do without the speaky box?
Spongy: I don't know.
Leafy: I think it means we all win Dream Island!
Flower: No! I think it means I win Dream Island!
Firey: I think it means we should use the Replacement Box that I built last night.
Firey Speaker Box: Yeah, Firey's definitely right!
*Rocky barfs on his Speaker Box*
Firey: Rocky!? *Slaps Rocky*
Flower: My replacement box is so much better! *Her speaker box taunts him*
Firey: Hurtful!
Flower: That means we're using mine!
Flower Speaker Box: Yeah.
*Firey and his speaker box blabbers*
Leafy: How about we use both?
Firey and Flower: We can't use both!
Leafy: Why not?
Firey: Fine.
Leafy: Then let's do Cake at Stake!
*Cake at Stake theme (The Points are Gone) plays*
*Screen cuts to the elimination podium*
Flower Speaker Box: We got 844 votes which is fewer than last time!
Firey Speaker Box: Oh,That's too bad. The person who got the most votes will be eliminated.
Flower Speaker Box: I hope that's you!
Firey Speaker Box: What? I can't be eliminated. I'm the host.
Flower Speaker Box: No! I'm the host! *fires a laser on the Firey Speaker Box*
*The Firey Speaker Box screams as a result of being damaged by the laser
Firey: Oh no.
Firey Speaker Box and Flower Speaker Box: The cake's Yoylecake.
Leafy: Oh, they're so cute!
Flower Speaker Box: Grr!
*She fires a laser on Leafy, and Leafy dodges it*
Firey Speaker Box: I'll give you cake if you're safe. Spongy,
Spongy: What?
Firey Speaker Box: You have immunity, so you're safe.
*He throws the cake at Spongy, and the cake hits Spongy*
Firey Speaker Box: Firey, since you are so AMAZING and AWESOME, you only got 64 votes.
*Some orange liquid falls on the tub and scatters*
Bubble: Oh, what's with the tub? And where is the TV?
Firey Speaker Box: We have to sell the TV because of budget cuts.
Bubble: Hmm... It doesnt sound the same when you say that.
Firey: Uh, Hello? Where's my cake?
Flower Speaker Box: Here is your cake!
*She throws a tiny piece of cake to Firey*
Firey: Hey, why cut me such a small slice?
Flower Speaker Box: Because I hate you! Oh, and I poisoned your cake too.
*Firey eats his cake*
Firey: What?
Firey Speaker Box: Leafy, since you are also awesome, you only got 69 votes.
*A green liquid is poured into the tub*
*Firey Speaker Box throws the cake to Leafy, and Leafy gets the cake*
Leafy: Yoylecake! ...and thanks for calling me awesome.
Firey Speaker Box: You're welcome.
Bubble: Oh noio! I think i'm gonna be eliminated!
Flower Speaker Box: Well, I dear I wish that were the case, but it's not.
Firey Speaker Box: Metal Ball, with 80 votes,
*A dark gray liquid is poured into the tub*
Firey Speaker Box: You are safe.
*He throws the cake to Bubble and Bubble catches it*
Firey Speaker Box: And it's down to Flower and Rocky. Personally, I'll be—.
Flower Speaker Box: Grr!
*Flower Speaker Box shoots Firey Speaker Box and he falls off the screen*
Flower Speaker Box: Well anyway, let's show the votes.
*A pink liquid and a gray liquid is poured into the tub*
*Firey Speaker Box jumps back to the platform*
Firey Speaker Box: Wow! It's so close I can't tell.
Flower Speaker Box: And in the closest voting over, Flower manages to stay in the game!
Firey Speaker Box: No, she doesn't.
Flower Speaker Box: Yeah, she does!
Firey Speaker Box: And how did you know?
Flower Speaker Box: I just do!
Firey Speaker Box: Well, why don't we measure it to find out?
Flower Speaker Box: Fine! Let's—
*The pink and gray liquids get poured separately into 2 tubes*
*The pouring stops, the gray liquid was a bit higher than the pink one*
Flower Speaker Box: And Rocky, is, eliminated!
*Throws cake to Flower*
Flower: Yes! High five, Leafy!
Leafy: Uhh, no thanks.
*Flower slaps Leafy*
*Rocky gets transported to the TLC*
Firey: Finally, no more vomit.
Leafy: Firey, that wasn't very nice!
*Scene cuts to Bubble and Leafy*
Bubble: Hey Leafy, we made it to the final five!
Leafy: We are amazing!
Firey: We deserve a reward! Hey Speakers, can I get a reward?
*Speaker boxes say the 2 sentences below at the same time*
Firey Speaker Box: You sure can!
Flower Speaker Box: You sure can't!
Firey: Ooh, wow. What is it?
Firey Speaker Box: It's a house.
Leafy: Wow! Does it mean we all get houses?
Firey Speaker Box: Yes.
Spongy: Yay!
*Scene cuts to the houses*
Flower: Mine's too small, I want a bigger one!
Leafy: Well, mine's just the right size!
*Spongy sits on the roof of his house*
*Spongy crushes his house and cries*
Firey Speaker Box: Don't worry Spongy, we've got backups.
Spongy: Really?
Flower Speaker Box: Stop being so generous, and besides, we have to get to the contest! The 22nd contest is to—
*Speaker boxes say the 2 sentences below at the same time*
Flower Speaker Box: —a beauty contest. What? No it's not!
Firey Speaker Box: —to escape a volcano. What? No it's not!
Firey Speaker Box: Fine, let's have a vote. Who wants to escape a volcano?
*Everybody except Flower raise their hands*
Flower Speaker Box: And who wants a beauty contest?
*Flower raises her hands*
Flower: Mine overrules all of yours!
Firey Speaker Box: That means we're going to escape a volcano.
*Everybody cheers except Flower*
*Everyone flies to the volcano in a spaceship*
Flower Speaker Box: Ready to go?
Bubble: Huh? Not quite, I can't find the parachutes!
Flower Speaker Box: Ha, ha! There are no parachutes!
*The spaceship opens up and drops the contestants. Spongy landed first before the others*
Firey Speaker Box: The first 'first' to get out of the volcano wins immunity.
Flower Speaker Box: If you fall into the lava -
Firey Speaker Box: Magma.
Flower Speaker Box: - MAGMA, and DIE, you have to start all over again!
Leafy: Oh my gosh, that's so unfair!
Flower Speaker Box: GO!
*Firey swims easily into the magma. Leafy and Bubble tried to swim but got burned instead. They got recovered.*
Bubble: Hey! I'm a bubble again.
Leafy: YEAAH!
*Spongy tried to swim but dies. Flower took a dip on the magma.*
Flower: Ooh, ooh ow, hot!
Leafy: Oh, I know you can do it, Flower! Just give it a try!
*Leafy pushes Flower, killing her.*
*Meanwhile, Firey got back on the ground and hopped his way through. The others kept on dying.*
Leafy: Hey! Why don't we go across Spongy when he's falling in!
Bubble: Okay!
*They hopped on top of Spongy when he's falling*
Leafy: YEAAH!
*They quickly catch up to Firey. Then avoided the crazy stompers.*
*Firey passed the magma fountain safely.*
*Leafy failed to do so. Bubble jumped after the fountain stops.*
*Flower and Leafy jumped across Spongy and caught up quickly*
*Everyone ran pass a crowd of recommended characters*
Flower: Ha, ha! I'm gonna beat you. I'm gonna beat all of you! And I'm gon-gonna go on and win Dream Island! And, and, you're not! Y-You're gonna get the opposite of Dream Island! Uh, dr - dream, nightmare, Nightmare Moon!
*A fire monster ate Flower. She screamed inside it. Firey ran passed the fire monster and climbed the pole.*
*The volcano started to shake.*
Leafy: Woah! What's going on?
Bubble: The volcano's erupting!
Leafy: Oh no!
*A big wave of magma starts to form. Firey accidentally fell and got eaten. Everybody else got swept by the magma wave.
*From the outside, the volcano erupted. The MRC survived the eruption and recovered everybody.*
Flower Speaker Box: You all escaped the volcano at the same time! So we need a tie-breaker.
Firey Speaker Box: And what is the tie-br-
Flower Speaker Box: A BEAUTY CONTEST!
Firey Speaker Box: We're both judges!
Flower Speaker Box: Okay. *goes to Flower* I think Flower's the most beautiful!
Firey Speaker Box: Well, I think Firey has the most beauty. I guess they both get immunity then!
Flower and Firey: YEAH!
Flower Speaker Box: Bubble, Leafy and Spongy are up for elimination.
*The three made frowny faces.*
Flower Speaker Box: Vote one of them right now! Whoever gets the most votes will, be, ELIMINATED!
*Everyone turned into metal (because they ate Yoylecake).*

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