Episode Gallery Transcript

Before the intro

(The BFDI anniversary wheel spins)
(Leafy throws a ball, it goes flying)
(Meanwhile, Snowball pops Bubble)


I popped Bubble!


Hey! You should not be going around, killing people with your... wahh... finger!


No one tells me what to do!
(Leafy's ball hits Pencil)


(Blocky is standing on a wall, holding Remote)
(The ball hits Blocky and Remote, causing Remote to fall)


(Remote's batteries fall out, causing battery acid to spill on Pencil and SB, melting them)


(Blocky falls off the wall and lands on Firey, who slides over Ice Cube and then falls in water, the three scream as American Flag, Bottle and Scissors watch)
(Intro plays)

After the intro


Snowball, Bubble, Rocky and Tennis Ball. Last episode you four have the lowest scores. Go to the Cake at Stake place to see who...
(Screen changes to a black background, with the Announcer staring at the screen and teleporting closer)


(Announcer teleports closer)

(Announcer teleports closer)


(Cake at Stakes theme song plays)

Cake at Stake


You can see it has been remodeled again. Cool, huh.


All four except for Rocky
(Complaining about the new remodel)
(Rocky barfs sadly)

Announcer: You're supposed to like it.

All four except for Rocky: (Saying how great the new remodel is)

(Rocky barfs happily)

Announcer: That's better. So we got 80 votes. Bubble, you've gotten 4 votes this time. Quintupling your total number of votes. You get a cake (Throws a fish to her). It's fish flavored.

Bubble: More like it is fish!

Announcer: Rocky, who is at 11 votes, is also quite fishy. (Throws fish to him)

(Rocky eats the fish)

Announcer: So it looks like another ball is going home. Snowball, I'm sorry to say this but you have been eliminated with a record of 47 votes.

Snowball: Grrr!!!

(Snowball hits the Announcer, which gets flung back by a slingshot, and Snowball is thrown to the TLC as he screams after being hit by the Announcer)

Announcer: Tennis Ball, congrats. You are safe, and you get the third fish.

Pencil: OMG. Bubble and Match, it's so cool y'all got to the final 11!

Match: OMG, It's 'cause like, we are so totally like, amazing.


(Cuts to Firey and Tennis Ball)

(Firey slaps Tennis Ball)

Tennis Ball: Ow. Hey, why did you slap me?

Firey: I don't know. It's just, I'm used to slapping Coiny, now that he's gone, I, I just have to keep slapping!

(Tennis Ball kicks Firey)

Firey: Ow. I didn't say about kicking!

Announcer: People, quiet down. So on the screen, I ordered you by your current scores. The Red Zone represents the bottom third. At the end of this contest, if you're in that Danger Zone, you will be up for elimination.

Eraser: But what is this contest?

Announcer: Wow! Eraser, you're so imp-, that's impatient for short.

Match: OMG Eraser. You are like, totally imp.

Announcer: So the 13th contest, which may be unfortunate for some, is to find some red balls hidden in random locations. All you gotta do is to bring one red ball to me. That's it. You'll get points depending what order you bring them in. Go.

Blocky: Uhh, is it it here? (Shakes the tree) No.

(Cuts to Firey and Tennis Ball)

(Firey slaps Tennis Ball a few times)

Tennis Ball: That's it, I'm not working with you.

(Cuts to Pencil and her Alliance)

Pencil: OMG! That bush has 2 red balls! Match, let's turn them in!

Match: Yeah!

Bubble: Hey!

Pencil: We found 2 of the balls!

Announcer: Pencil, you're the first person to bring me a ball.

Pencil: Yeah!

Announcer: Because of that, you get 30 points.

Pencil: OMG OMG OMG!

Match: Now here's my ball.

Announcer: Hmm, hold on. I asked for a red ball. This is a maroon ball.

Match: OMG, seriously?

Announcer: That will be a 10-point penalty.

(A Flatulence sound is heard)

Announcer: I'm sorry. Go back, and find a ball that is actually red.

Match: No, no, no!

(Match kicks her maroon ball and Leafy gets it)

Leafy: Ooh, ooh! Ice Cube, come here!

Ice Cube: What's happened?

Leafy: I found a ball! I rather you get the point though. You deserve it, for being such a great friend!

Announcer: Ice Cube, this is a maroon ball. That's a 10-point penalty.

Ice Cube: What?

(Flatulence Sound)

Announcer: Go back, and find a ball that is actually Red.

Leafy: Oh My Gosh, Ice Cube, I'm so sorry!

Ice Cube: I want revenge!

(Cuts to Tennis Ball)

Tennis Ball: Hey, robotic talker, so Rocky was having his vomiting spasms, and he threw up a red ball so here it is!

Announcer: That's kind of gross. You, Tennis Ball, are the second person to bring in a red ball, earning with 20 points. But I don't think it's possible for someone to throw up something so large.

(Rocky throws up another red ball)

Announcer: I stand corrected. Rocky, third place earns you 15 points.

(Cuts to Pen and Eraser)

Pen: You find anything?

Eraser: No, you?

Pen: Well, I have an apple.

(Cuts to Firey)

(Firey slaps a Tree and gets a red ball)

Firey: Ball!

Announcer: Firey, you get fourth place, resulting in 12 points.

Match: This ball better be good.

Announcer: It is. Being the fifth person to turn in a red ball, you get 10 points.

Match: OMG, I'm so glad that I'm so out of that Danger Zone.

(Cuts to Bubble)

Bubble: Yeah, I have moiself a boill!

(Blocky kicks and pops Bubble and steals her ball)

Blocky: Ok guys, I got myself a ball. What about you?

Pen: Like I said, all I have is an apple!

Eraser: Oh, I found a ball too!

Blocky: Great, let's turn them in!

Announcer: Blocky, you're the sixth person to turn in a ball, so you get 8 points.

(Eraser turns in his ball)

Announcer: Big mistake, Eraser, that's a maroon ball. You get a 10-point penalty.

Eraser: What?!

(Flatulence sound)

Eraser: Maroon and red are the same!

(Cuts to Bubble, Pencil and Match)

Bubble: Blocky is so mean!

Match: Really? How so?

Bubble: He kicks me! I popped!

Pencil: So he is a murderer!

Bubble: Okoi guys, help me find a boill, It would need everything to we, stay out of that Danger Zone!

(Cuts to Leafy)

Leafy: Ok, here's a ball.

Announcer: Leafy, you're number 7. That gets you 6 points.

(Cuts to Eraser)

Eraser: Man, that dumb speaker box didn't like my ball. I have to get another one.

Pen: Well, I still have an apple. Wait, there's a ball hanging from the sky! It's totally unsuspicious. I think it's perfectly fine!

Blocky: I think so too! Go turn it in!

(Cuts to the Alliance again)

Bubble: Oh, here's a ball!

Pencil and Match: Yay!

Announcer: Bubble, you're number 8. That gets you 4 points.

Bubble: Yes! I made it out of the Danger Zone!

(Match is worried because she was dropped to the Danger Zone)

Pen: I got a ball!

Announcer: Pen, you're number 9. That gets you 3 points.

Pencil: So, who are we still waiting for?

Bubble: Eraser and Ice Cube!

Announcer: Ice Cube, you're number 10, so you get 2 points.

(Cuts to Eraser)

Eraser: Come on, I need to get a ball, soon!


Announcer: Took you long enough.

Eraser: Well, at least I have now, right?

Announcer: Wait, I think that's a maroon ball.

Eraser: What?

Announcer: Actually, I'm not sure, it's too dark to tell.

Eraser: This is red I know it!

(Eraser grabs Firey)

Eraser: See? Can't you tell? It's red!

(Eraser's ball gets lit on Fire)

Announcer: Oop, cool, fire.

Eraser: So is it good?

Announcer: I don't know. Is it?

Eraser: It is!

Announcer: Ok, then, Eraser, you're the last person to bring in a red ball. That gets you only 1 point.

(Later, during morning)

Announcer: So, these are your current scores. Match, Ice Cube, Rocky, and Tennis Ball, you have fallen into the Danger Zone, so the voting will be only between the 4 of you. Voters, subscribers, and everyone else out there, vote for one of these contestants to be eliminated from the Battle for Dream Island.

(Comment to vote. Voting period ends on January 10, 2011.)

(Episode 14 will be released on Febuary 1, 2011)

(Rocky barfs 10 red balls over a mound of many red balls)


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