Team No-Name (except Dora)

Only appearance

The Long-lost Yoyle City

Aw, seriously?

Davidland is a gigantic sea/land of Davids. It made an appearance in The Long-lost Yoyle City when Team No-Name was flying over it. When Fries said that Davids were annoying creatures, all of the Davids said "Aw, seriously?" together in an echoing voice.


  • Golf Ball stated that Davidland is a very dangerous place, and suggested that they should take a different route (although Puffball kept saying that it was a shortcut). Firey and Gelatin also looked scared with the possibility of falling into the sea of Davids.
  • It is revealed that Davidland was made by the creators a year before its first appearance in The Long-lost Yoyle City, mainly for fun. After that, they decided to use it in episode 5e.
  • This is where we learn that Davids only say "Aw, seriously?" when you provoke them.
  • Some fans say that Davidland is made from the Announcer's David Cloner.
  • The land of BFDI has 5 mentioned places. Yoyleland, Davidland, Evil Canyon, Goiky Canal (Supposedly in "Goiky" the place where BFDI and BFDIA are set) and Dream Island.


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