David Cloner

David Cloner

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The David Cloner is a machine that is first seen in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2 that clones Davids.


The David Cloner looks like the ICRC2.0 (Ice Cube Recovery Center 2.0), which the only exception being the label is "David Cloner". It was used in Season 1 to clone Davids due to all contestants being dead. Despite being used to make clones of David, it has a question onscreen from the ICRC2.0. It appeared in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2.


  • Davidland (shown in BFDIA 5e) is (possibly) made by the David Cloner.
  • The David Cloner is the third least favorite things in Dora's opinion. The first and second being David and you.
  • All the variations of David were possibly made in the David Cloner.
  • Dora's attempts to kill David have been foiled by the David Cloner.

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