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Episode Gallery Transcript


Announcer thing, Announcer thing, Announcer thing!




You know how we were having trouble with the jigsaw puzzle?




Well, we solved it and so we're free!


That's good to know.


Did you know I've never been voted for to be eliminated?


Wow! Coolio!


I'm the only Squishy Cherry who's like that. The only other people that haven't been voted for are Leafy, Teardrop, Rocky, and Snowball.
The image of Snowball shakes


Crudiously, Snowball's never been voted for, but he's a jerk.


Yeah, well, you know?


Oh! You know, I've been voted for in 4 episodes. No one else has been.


Well that's okay because you're still here!


Now for my vote status I-
Announcer falls from sky and pops Bubble


I've only been voted once, by Artofliving123, even though I shouldn't have been.


Really Bubble? You know, I think your voice has changed.
Pencil opens her eyes


Wah! You're not Bubble!


No. I'm not.


You murdered her!


Yeah, well that is true.


Anyways, since there are no vote last time, there were no Cake at Stake.
Image of a cake smiling and then frowning appears


So, we can get run to the contest. It's a relay race.


Firey stumps Coiny



Golf Ball

Hold on a second, there's something that's unfair! My team has many more members than the other team! So, if everyone goes once, we'll take much longer!


Ok, I'll fix that. Four people of cherries team will go twice.


Not fair! We'll tired by the second time through!


Well then, no one goes twice. But on the grapes, only 5 of the people go, so 4 people don't go.


Not fair! They get to choose the best players but we can't!


Hm. Then what do you suggest the rules to be?


How about this: Like you just said, "Five on each team go, but you randomly choose which 5 Grapes participate in the race!"


Hm, I guess that sound fair enough to me. Grapes, here's a nine-slice wheel. Each person has one spot. The first five people chosen on this wheel participate in the race. So, someone give it a whirl.


Since I'm the strongest one here, by far, it better land on ME!
Snowball rolls the wheel...
Cuts to commercial


Hi weirdoes! Here's another prank! But this one involves Ice Cube instead of Bubble. Just take an Ice Cube Recovery Center and like just carry it over to the edge of a cliff, maybe with a tree, yeah yeah, with tree, definitely, yeah, that's mandatory. And attach a spring from the tree to the Ice Cube Recovery Center and then, melt, Ice Cube.
A scene appears, where Ice Cube is melted by fire on nowhere

[Blocky whispers to someone]


Melting her kills her right?



(whispers) Okay. (Normal voice) Ice Cube is recreated in the Ice Cube Recovery Center. She'll like weigh it down and, Ice Cube Recovery Center will tilt down off the cliff and, Ice Cube will fall out and she'll crash in the bottom of the, cliff. And Ice Cube is recreated in the Ice Cube Recovery Center. She'll like weigh it down and, Ice Cube Recovery Center will tilt down off the cliff. Cycle repeats! Yeah, isn't that cool? Pretty funny?

Voice: This program was brought to you by Blocky's Funny Doings International.

Wheel lands on Firey


Oh no!


You'd better be a good runner! Are you?

Firey: Yeah! Watch! Here we go!

[Firey sprints down land]

Ice Cube

Wow! You're such a fast runner!

Firey: Thank you, wise Ice Cube!

Coiny: Wow! You're such a slow runner!

Firey: No thank you, dumb Coiny!

[Bottle sound can be heard in a split second]

Announcer: Spin again.

[Leafy spins wheel]

[Rocky barfs on slice]

[Wheel lands on slice covered in barf]

Tennis Ball

Um, who's on that slice?

Snowball: I ain't scrapping that off!

Golf Ball

Well, process of elimination! There's SB, Leafy, Rocky, Me, Teardrop, Tennis Ball, and Coiny! Firey's been chosen, so it's Ice Cube!

Snowball: Oh great! A weak armless one!

[Firey spins wheel]

[Barf lands on Firey's face]

Coiny: Haha, ha! Oh, that's just great!

[Wheel lands on Leafy]

Announcer: Two spots left.

[Snowball spins wheel]

[Wheel lands on Golf Ball]

Announcer: There's only one more person participating in this race.

Snowball: If it isn't me, we are DEAD!

[Snowball spins wheel]

[Wheel lands on Rocky]

Snowball: NOOOOOOOO—(fast-forward)—ooooooooooooooooooo!

Firey: Haha! You didn't make the team!

[Coiny slaps Firey]

Firey: Ow!

Announcer: So yes. You five will compete. You four won't. (Everyone frowns, but Snowball cries) So, the rules are simple. Just run to the tree and back. Oh! Also, in this episode, no one's getting sent to the TLC.

Pen: Again for like, the second time? I liked it when there was elimination! It had anticipation and self-preservation!

Announcer: Don't worry. Next time, two people will be eliminated. But i'll get to that later. So, nothing happens to the losers. The winners get a prize.


Which IS?

Announcer: You'll find out later.

Eraser: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Announcer: But there is one catch. While running, you must carry the person who will run the race after you. The last person in line doesn't carry anyone.

Bubble: Yeah! I don't have to carry anyone!

Match: Yeah! I only have to carry Bubble!

Pencil: I have to carry Match, and I know she's gaining weight!

[Match slaps Pencil]

Announcer: Go!

[Pen jumps on Eraser]

Pen: Faster Eraser, faster!

[Firey holding Ice Cube while running, while Ice Cube screams in almost medium voice]

Ice Cube: Aaaaaaaaa!

Firey: Why are you screaming, Ice Cube? Are you melting?

[Pen + Eraser circle the tree, followed by Firey + Ice Cube]

[Pen reaches the starting line]

Pen: Get on, Pencil!

[Firey at the starting line, with Ice Cube no more than a puddle]

Firey: She's pretty much gone.

Golf Ball: The Ice Cube Recovery Center won't start until she's completely melted! Well, what are you waiting for? Melt, Firey!

[Firey jumps on the puddle, and Ice Cube melts completely]

[Ice Cube recovers in her recovery center]

[Cut to Pencil on Pen, running to the tree]

Pencil: Here comes the tree!

[Cut back to Leafy + Ice Cube at the starting line]


Icy, because you have no arms, I'll have to sit on you.

[Leafy goes and sits on Ice Cube]

[Ice Cube runs]

Leafy: Go go go!

[Cut to Pen at the start]

Pen: We're here!

[Ice Cube goes around the tree, but Leafy slides off Ice Cube and flies into the air]

Leafy: Aaaaaaaaah!

[Ice Cube notices and slides to a stop, then goes back]

[Cut to Match riding on Pencil]

Match: Pencil, I'm not fat, am I?

Pencil: I was just JK Kidding, Match!

Match: Oh, okay then.

[Leafy jumps back onto Ice Cube, while Pencil + Match run past]

Leafy: Back on!

Leafy: Hey, they lapped us!

[Cut to Pencil and Match at the starting line]

Match: Release.

[Match gets off of Pencil]

[Leafy arrives at the starting line]

Leafy: Here, Golf Ball. Wow, you're HEAVY!

[Cut to Match holding Bubble and running]

Bubble: Match, not so hard! You'll pop me!

[Match pops Bubble]

Match: Uh oh! Where's the BRC?

[Camera pans over a LOT of landscape, before finally arriving at the BRC, where Bubble recovers]

Bubble: I'm coming Match!

[Leafy, dragging Golf Ball towards the tree]

Leafy: Wow, you're HEAVY!

Golf Ball: You already said that!

Bubble, faraway: I'm getting there! [incomprehensible dialogue]

Match: OMT, she'd better get here soon.

Bubble, faraway: Entering the door, where am I, I don't know where I am.

[Cut to Leafy, throwing Golf Ball onto the starting platform]

Leafy: Ugh.

[Rocky jumps onto Golf Ball]

[Golf Ball begins running, but Rocky throws up in Golf Ball's face, obscuring his view]

Rocky: Bulleh!

[Golf Ball smashes into the tree]

Bubble, back at the race area: Remember Match, not too hard!

Match: Okay!

[Match + Bubble begin running to the tree, while Rocky + Golf Ball run back]

[Golf Ball dumps Rocky onto the starting line]

Firey: Run! Run! Run! Run!

Golf Ball: Go on, Rocky, run!

[Match and Bubble circle the tree and start running back]

[They approach the starting line, and Bubble goes back to the tree on her own]

[Golf Ball lightly kicks Rocky]

Golf Ball: Grr!

[Golf Ball kicks Rocky, HARD]

[Rocky flies to the air towards the tree]

[Rocky pops Bubble, who is running towards the tree and Rock lands in the leaves]

[Rocky slowly, SLOWLY starts walking back]

[Meanwhile, at the faraway BRC, Bubble makes her way back]

Various Squashy Grapes team members except Firey, with incomprehensible dialogue: Go go! Run! Come on!

Golf Ball: GRR!!!

[Golf Ball runs over to Rocky, kicks him into the air and he lands on the starting platform]

Leafy: Yeah, we won!

[Firey high fives Leafy]

Firey: Yeah!

Coiny: We won? That's a relief.

Snowball: Yeah! I wasn't expecting we'd win, but I'm glad we did!

Eraser: Thanks a lot, Bubble. It's your fault we lost!

Announcer: So Grapes, do you want to know your prize?

Squashy Grapes: Yeah!!

Announcer: You win an eliminated player onto your team.

Coiny: Uh, do we get to choose WHICH player?

Announcer: No, you do not. But voters, you do.

Announcer: You can vote an eliminated player into the game.

Announcer: There's Flower.


You BETTER vote me! Or, or, I'll CRUSH you!

Announcer: Spongy.



Announcer: Blocky.

Blocky: Vote for me! I've got an edge! Well, twelve edges actually.

Announcer: Woody.


Eh... eh....

Announcer: Pin.


You need a heroic leader like me!

Announcer: And Needy.

[Needle slaps the camera]


Don't call me Needy!

Screen: Comment to vote! Voting period ends August 10.

Screen: Episode 9 will come out on September 1.

[The rest of the episode is a montage of Ice Cube dying repeatedly using the technique shown in Blocky's Funny Doings International]

[End of episode]

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