Episode Gallery Transcript


Falling down a bottomless pit is boring. 'Cause it's taking so long!


Blocky, I see the bottom of this pit. Bottomless is such a lie.

Ice Cube

A lie?


What? There's a bottom?


Oh my tree, I see spikes!
Everyone screams

Yellow Face

Need some money fast and soon? Then buy our Box of Paper Slips!! At first it might just seem like a blank slip of paper, but just scribble a number on it, and POOF! It's a dollar bill! This person managed to buy a TV. This person bought a house! This person bought the world! So yeah, BUY NOW!
Ad ends
All contestants fall on and the spikes open up into half




Hey! It's Spongy!
Spongy bounces the Grapes back up with his squishy body
The Squashy Grapes flies onto tight rope


Hey, it's you!


Yes it's me! And I have to tell you that your team, the Squashy Grapes, lost last episode's contest. Go that way to the Cake at Stake place.
The Squashy Grapes chats while walking to the Cake at Stake place.
Intro plays.
The Squishy Cherries


I am so glad to see and we're no longer the losers!


Yeah well, Bubble you almost made us lose. So don't do you that again.
Squashy Grapes walks


We're getting close.
Grapes stop and Announcer lands


Halt! Since there's a new stage in the Battle for Dream Island, We need to renovate the Cake at Stake place.
The CAS platform gets a white paint job


That's all you can afford to do?

Announcer: No, there's more.

  • Upgrade 2: Seat

Squashy Grapes: Wow! Wow! That's amazing! Wow!

Announcer: So yeah, sit.

  • Leafy sits on CAS place

Leafy: Squishy!

  • New Cake at Stake Theme*

Announcer: This time we got 29 votes. As you know, the 3 of you the fewest votes receive a slice of cake and will stay in the game. The other will leave the team. However, The winning team will choose one of two onto their team, Let's start. Blocky, do you want to use your Win Token?

Blocky: No! I got this thingy in last episode!

Announcer: Ok, then, at the lowest, at 1 vote, is Ice Cube. *Cake flings to Icy*

Ice Cube: Wha?

Snowball: Hey! That's not cake, That's modeling clay!

Announcer: The cake was too expensive. Blocky, you're safe at two votes.

  • Blocky and SB high fives

Blocky: Yeah!

  • Cake hits Blocky

Announcer: Leafy, Teardrop, and Snowball. only one of you who is safe. and that person happens to be leafy, with 3 votes.

Leafy: Yes!

  • Cake flings past Leafy

Leafy: Wha?

Announcer: Teardrop and Snowball, You got 5 and 18 votes respectively. Come with me.

  • SB and TB walks

Leafy: Well, guys, We maybe a little smaller! But, we're still the best team ever!

Announcer: Snowball and Teardrop, The Squishy cherries will either vote you on their team, or to be eliminated. So Eraser, Please pick!

Eraser: Oh, I want Snowball on my team! He's just awesome!

  • Picks SB to Cherries and TD is on TLC

Bubble: Well, Snowball's not so smart, so I'll say Teardrop!

  • Got Picker one

Match: OMG, I so totally like agree. I choose Teardrop. SB is totally a jerk.

Pen: No, I think SB is, is AWESOME!

  • Chosen

Pencil: Oh, so it's all down to me, uh, Snowball is won the contests 4 and 5 so I pick him.

  • SB is joining the Cherries and TD will be eliminated

Announcer: Teardrop, it's time to say goodbye.

  • TD falls into TLC

Snowball: Yeah! Still in it to win it!

Announcer: So now it is down to the final 14. The 10th contest is a crying contest, fill your tubs as high you can with tears. Go!

  • Pencil tries to cry

Match: Eraser! You're not crying!

Eraser: Crying is for Wimps!

Match: Snowball, you too!

Snowball: Why, should I, try, to cry!

Firey: Oh, no! *tries to cry *crying* ... *shout*

Coiny: Uh, so?

Firey: Don't you know Coiny, crying, tears? Water is my poison!

Coiny: Sorry, I forgot.

  • Firey and Coiny slaps

GB: Try to cry!

TB: Okay. *tries to cry but not tears*

GB: Not a drop, i'll try. *makes crazy stuff* *a tear!*

TB: Yeah! Low Five! *feetclap*

Blocky: Hey, Let's melt Icy! *put firey onto icy to melt her*

Leafy: That was mean! That was mean!

Announcer: Boop, Time's up! Since you all got some water, I guess it's a tie.

Blocky: No Fair! Look how much water we have!

Announcer: The tiebreaker is a skiing contest.

Pencil: Hey Match! Look! It's mini Snowball!

Match: Ooh, I'll get my mini match. Let's play Spongy Cake!

Announcer: People, try to get to finish ASAP. Oh, and we could only afford 1 pair of skis of each team.

Bubble: What?

Announcer: Go!

  • Another Name is skiing

TB: Oh my god!

SB: Ready?

Bubble: What? Not quite!

Leafy: Still don't like what did to Icy *skiing the grapes*

  • bubble popped for start skiing*

Blocky: Hey! The Ice Cube recovery center make Ice Cube will be alive again!

Leafy; Still!

GB: How's it going?

TB: Oh, Wobbley!

GB: Hey, where's Rocky?

Coiny: There!

  • Another name is falling to rocky
  • Another name turns into a snowball
  • The Squishy cherries trips and turns into a snowball like Another Name.

Leafy: 3, 2, 1, JUMP!

  • Grapes jump Rocky
  • 2 Snowballs

Leafy: Which is which?

Blocky: I don't know!

  • The Grapes, 2 snowballs win!

Leafy; Icy!

  • Two snowballs are put in snow.

Announcer: Well, that's pretty obvious that Leafy and Blocky got second place. But I'm not sure which of the other two teams were in first place, or third place, So we need another tiebreaker.

Pen: Aw, Seriously?

Announcer: It is a handstand contest, When I press the button, the ropes will release. If you're one last handstanding, your team wins and you get a Win Token. The other team is in dead last. Go. *Speaker press button*

  • Another name are fall but not handstanded.
  • Rocky barfs on Firey

Coiny: Haha!

  • Firey slaps and Firey and Coiny slap too many times again
  • Firey and Coiny fall

Announcer: Another Name has already lost. The cherries win again. But who will get a win token?

Rocky barfs on Cherries
Makes Pen, Pencil, Match, Bubble, SB fall, Eraser successfully tries to get away from the vomit.

Announcer: Eraser gets his second win token.

Eraser: Yeah!

Announcer: You can only use one at a time.

Eraser: Aw!

Announcer: The cherries goes to first, and the names to last. Voters. Choose one member of another name, to leave BFDI. TB, GB, Rocky, Coiny or Firey. The two most voted will leave the team. One will join the cherries.

A sign appears.
Pans to night

Golf Ball

Would you look at that! My very first tear! I'll always remember this for the rest of my life.

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