This article is about the recommended character. You may be looking for her counterpart from Object Overload.
Crayon is a recommended character who was recommended by alexlion05 in Episode 13. She was seen jumping happily when Pencil was talking. It also appeared once more in Rescission, this time recommended by jaysillyboy. It was later disintegrated by Pencil with her Emergency Button. She was also recommended by TDJessiFan in BFDIA 2, placed 25th in the Top 25 recommended characters, just barely making the Top 25. In each of her appearances in BFDI(A), she was seen jumping, clearly overjoyed.


  • She is one of the few recommended characters (such as Flag) to be animated.
  • She's also a contestant in Object Overload which is a show made by Niall B.



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