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Watches are wannabes.
— Clock, Reveal Novum

Clock is one of the 30 recommended characters that had a chance to join BFDI. In their audition in Episode 17, they explained how watches are "wannabes". They also had a chance to join BFDIA, but placed 48th at 59 votes.

Clock's IDFB redesign features a more simple, minimalist design, and is now blue and white colored.


Clock appears to be a minimalist wall clock.



  • Clock is badly drawn.
  • Clock is whitish-yellow.
  • Clock has no frame.
  • Clock has a 12, 9, and 6 for hours.
  • Clock's legs are closer to each other.
  • Clock's clock arms are plain.
  • Clock has arms that indicate minutes, seconds, and hours.


  • Clock has a wooden frame.
  • Clock gains a 3 for hours.
  • Clock's inside is beige, and their frame is brown.
  • Clock's clock arms are designed.
  • Clock is better drawn.
  • Clock has a vintage design.
  • Clock is smaller.


  • Clock has the initials "CAS" under their 3.


  • Clock loses their numbers.
  • Clock loses their seconds hand.
  • Clock has a minimalist design.
  • Clock's frame is now plastic.
  • Clock's inside is now white, and the frame is blue.
  • Clock's clock arms are blue.
  • Clock is scaled down in size.


In Reveal Novum, Clock, along with Basketball, only received 5 votes, placing 23rd, and was sent to the Locker of Losers.

In Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know, with 59 votes, Clock only placed 48th to join and was flung to the LOL once again.

In Get in the Van, Clock made a cameo appearance in Get in the Van, standing in front of a glass window with Balloony, displaying the time "CAS" in place of 4:00, alerting Firey that it was time for Cake at Stake.


This section is a work in progress; due to Clock's minor character status, sections will be filled in when they appear on other characters' pages.


In Reveal Novum, Book's definition of Clock says:

Clock - used to tell the time. Clock likes to think that watches are wannabes, but how do they know it's not the other way around?



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