These are the new recommended characters who appeared in "Four Goes Too Far". These characters all appeared when the members of A Better Name Than That were sliding down the hill.

Some of them are returning RCs from "Today's Very Special Episode" and "Lick Your Way to Freedom", while others are completely new RCs.

Recommended Characters from previous BFBs

Here are the recommended characters from previous episodes who appear in this episode:

Lick Your Way to Freedom

  • (Start list here)

Today's Very Special Episode

  • Robot Tree (Leo Y)
  • Winner (Get W)
  • Credit Card (Azoko L.)
  • Science Book (Arekz)
  • Swappy (Augie279)
  • Exit Sign (geno1906)
  • PDA (lyxon)
  • Cream Cookie (Max J.)
  • Potato (Austin E.)
  • Wasabi (Space W.)
  • Piece of String (Louise K.)
  • Water Bottle (PhantOmInfinity)
  • Symbol (Nathan P.)
  • Pebble (galactika!)
  • Beany (paperpaws, lolipope)
  • One Way Sign (Jimmy T.)
  • censor bar dog (kittydog)
  • Heart (GaomonAndLucario)


  • In the original upload of this episode, Robot Tree by Leo Y was mistakenly also credited as Winner by Get W. (As of this typing, the mistake still hasn't been fixed)
  • Evil Leafy makes her first appearance since Welcome Back (recommended by Diamondcup67).
  • Little Man uses the same asset as Little Boy, a recommended character in episode 4.