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I'm the Cheese Orb!
— Cheese Orb, Hurtful!

The Cheese Orb is one of the many random "announcers" found in Episode 23.


He died when Speaker cut him into quarters, because there was no cake for Cake at Stake and used it as a cheesecake, or because he was distracting him, or both.

Firey Speaker Box: But we don't have any [cake].
*Announcer slices Cheese Orb*
Announcer: Now we do.
Leafy: Oh, no! Speaker just killed the Cheese Orb!
Firey: Cheese Orb was my friend!

Later, a Cheese Orb Recovery Center made a cameo in Return of the Hang Glider, but Flower destroyed it in the same episode, and Cheese Orb is presumed to die forever. It's unknown if he was recovered before the center was destroyed. He was also part of the cake in the Grand Cake in the same episode.


  • He is the only living object to be used as cake for Cake at Stake in the first season. In Battle for Dream Island Again, Donut was used as cake.
    • Donut was a contestant, therefore, Cheese Orb is the only speaking non-contestant used for a Cake at Stake cake.
  • It is unknown what type of cheese he is.
  • He is the only non-contestant (excluding the Announcer) to have their own recovery center.
  • Cheese Orb may be smelly, due to the stink lines around it.


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