And I'm the Cheese Orb!
— Cheese Orb, Hurtful!

The Cheese Orb is one of the many sham "announcers" found in Episode 23, the only episode he was shown in.


Speaker cut the Cheese Orb into quarters, because there was no cake for Cake at Stake and used the pieces as a cheesecake.

Firey Speaker Box: But we don't have any cheesecake.
*Announcer slices Cheese Orb*
Announcer: Now we do.
Leafy: Oh, no! Speaker just killed the Cheese Orb!
Firey: Cheese Orb was my friend!

Further appearances

A Cheese Orb Recovery Center appeared in Return of the Hang Glider, and was destroyed by Flower when she throws it into an incinerator. The Cheese Orb was seen as part of the Grand Cake, as the cheesecake.