And I'm the Cheese Orb!
— Cheese Orb, Hurtful!

The Cheese Orb is one of the many desultory "announcers" found in Episode 23, the only episode he was shown in.


Speaker cut the Cheese Orb into quarters, because there was no cake for Cake at Stake and used the pieces as a cheesecake.

Firey Speaker Box: But we don't have any cheesecake.
*Announcer slices Cheese Orb*
Announcer: Now we do.
Leafy: Oh, no! Speaker just killed the Cheese Orb!
Firey: Cheese Orb was my friend!

Further appearances

A Cheese Orb Recovery Center appeared in Return of the Hang Glider, and was destroyed by Flower when she throws it into an incinerator. The Cheese Orb was seen as part of the Grand Cake, as the cheesecake.


  • Along with Pie, Donut, and Firey Speaker Box the Cheese Orb is one of the only living things to be used as cake for Cake at Stake.
  • It is unknown what type of cheese the Cheese Orb is.
  • The Cheese Orb and the Announcer are the only non-contestants to have their own recovery center.
    • However, the Cheese Orb is the only food that has their own recovery center.
    • This changed in Getting Teardrop to Talk, however, as if you pause at the right time, you can see a Pie Recovery Center.
  • Cheese Orb appears as a recommended character in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2.
  • Cheese Orb has a similar design to Spongy.
  • When Cheese Orb first appears, he has many green lines orbiting around him, possibly implying that he is smelly.