Many of the characters in BFDI, depending on the object, have had their own 'OMG' moments in which they state "Oh my" and then something relevant to their "God", which is something related to their object form, for example Pin's "god" is a Pin Factory, which created her.

Some characters even have 'WTH' (what the heck) moments, like Snowball (What The Flake) and Match (What The Wood Sickle).


Flower yelling

Flower yelling "Oh my gardener!"

In Insectophobe's Nightmare 2, Flower states her OMG as "Oh my Gardener!"


Spongy’s OMG moment was in Today's Very Special Episode where he said "OH MY SOAK!" in reaction to Beep’s creation.


Blocky is yet to have an OMG moment.


Woody is yet to have and most likely never will have an OMG moment, since he doesn't talk much.


Pin's OMG moment was "OMPF", which meaning was revealed in The Long-lost Yoyle City as "Oh my Pin Factory!"


Needle does actually have an OMG moment, but it was hidden due to an elimination layer glitch. It remains unknown, but it could possibly be "OMNF" similar to Pin's "OMPF"


Teardrop will probably never will have an OMG moment since she can't talk.

Golf Ball

Golf Ball is yet to have an OMG moment. But if there is one, it might be: "Oh my dimples!" or "Oh my Place Where Golf Balls are Created", or for short, "OMPWGBAC!"


Coiny's OMG moment was said twice as "Oh My Mint!" or OMM for short.


Snowball's OMG moment was said at the biggest and final rejoining ceremony of Season 1 as "Oh my Snowflake!"


Match's OMG moment is "Oh my like, Woodsicles!" though this is unsure of and vague, especially after she said "OMQ" and "OMZ" in Season 1. Match also has had the most OMG'S.


Eraser says "Oh my God!" in "Getting Teardrop to Talk".


Pen said "Oh my gosh" in Return of the Hang Glider, as well as TB in Crybaby!, Yellow Face in the Non-Slip Shoes So Ha commercial, and the Announcer.

Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball's OMG moment was "Oh my Place where Tennis Balls are Created!" or "OMPWTBAC!" when he found the wall teleporter in IDFB 1.


David is yet to have and probably will never have an OMG moment, as he is usually seen saying his only catchphrase, "Aw, seriously?" or "NO!"


Pencil has an OMG moment, and it is "Oh my Tree" because wood comes from trees, and Pencils are made with wood. It has been used twice in both the BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes video as well as Welcome Back.


Rocky was planned to have an OMG moment, but then jacknjellify decided to take away his ability to speak. It remains unknown if Rocky will ever say OMG.


Bubble's OMG moment is "Oh my Bubble Blower!", sometimes shortened to "OMBB!"


Leafy's OMG moment is "Oh my Tree!", used once in Crybaby!.


Nickel is the only character to say "Oh my God", in Episode 5d: It's a monster


Firey's OMG moment is "Oh my Oxygen!", used once after getting barfed on.

Firey in multiple episode's has said "Oh my gosh"

In BFDI Is Back, he used "Oh my spark" once for his OMG moment after finding that Bfdi is back.


Book's OMG moment is "Oh my Word", used twice.


Fries' OMG moment is "Oh my Potatoes", used twice.

In Welcome Back, Fries's other OMG moment is "Oh my tater", used once.


Gelatin's OMG moment is "Oh my collagen", used once in a video including BFDIA 6 deleted scenes.

Barf Bag

Barf Bag's OMG moment is "Oh my SAP", where SAP stands for "sick airplane passengers". It was used when Lollipop declined her to be on the same team as her.


Marker's OMG moment is "Oh my Artist", used once in Today's Very Special Episode. It was used when he summoned Four

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