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This is a list of all the challenges of BFDI and BFDIA.
All contests in bfdi

All contests in BFDI done over again in BFDI 23.

Battle for Dream Island

  • Take the Plunge: Part 1: The challenge is to be the last one standing on the platform, the winners were Pin and Leafy, by winning they became the team leaders of the Squishy Cherries and the Squashy Grapes, respectively.
  • Take the Plunge: Part 2: The challenge is to sail over the Goiky Canal, the Squishy Cherries win and Pin receives a Win Token.
  • Barriers and Pitfalls: The challenge is an obstacle course, after completing the course, contestants must fill their team's tank with water. The Squashy Grapes win and Needle won a Win Token.
  • Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?: The challenge is to complete a 20 questions test, Pen and Blocky cheated, they both get their score set to 0, The Squashy Grapes win and Golf Ball receives a Win Token.
  • Sweet Tooth: The first challenge was to bake a cake, then eat 100 chocolate balls. The Squishy Cherries win the cake baking part, but the Squashy Grapes won the chocolate balls eating contest, so they have to do a (literal) tie breaker, the Squashy Grapes win, Pin wins her second Win Token.
  • Bridge Crossing: The contest is to cross a bridge, no one crossed their bridges, so the Announcer decided to make another literal tie break, the Squashy Grapes win again, no one gets a Win Token.
  • Power of Three: The challenge is to pass through three islands, this is the first challenge to break the teams, the winners are Pen, Eraser and Firey, they all get a Win Token.
  • Puzzling Mysteries: The challenge is simple, it's to complete a Jigsaw Puzzle, the Grapes win(again) and pick Firey to join their team. No one gets a Win Token.
  • Cycle of Life: The challenge is a relay race and the prize is an eliminated contestant (Which is Blocky), the Squashy Grapes win (no surprise). No one gets a Win Token.
  • Insectophobe's Nightmare: The challenge is a 6-Legged Race, the Cherries came 1st, Another Name second and Squashy Grapes last. No one gets a Win Token.
  • Crybaby!: The first challenge is a crying contest. Since all teams had some water in their tanks, there was a Skiing contest. The Squashy Grapes end up in 2nd but the winner and loser is unknown. A 3rd contest, a handstand contest, determined the winner: the Squishy Cherries. Another Name loses and Eraser gets his second Win Token.
  • Lofty: The challenge is to stay afloat, using balloons. The last team floating wins. Leafy and Blocky end up winning for the Squashy Grapes. The Cherries get 2nd and Another Name get last(again).
  • A Leg Up in the Race: This was the first challenge, after the merge. It is a simple race to climb ladders and reach the top.
  • Don't Lose Your Marbles: The challenge is to find red balls and bring them to the Announcer. Maroon balls give you a 10 point penalty.
  • Half a Loaf Is Better Than None: The first challenge is to pick up the most loaves of bread and put them in the contestant's respective basket. Spongy had 38 loaves. The second challenge is hurdles. Each hurdle you jump over is 5 points.
  • Vomitaco: The first challenge is a barf bag challenge. Contestants will float on a platform and 1 second on a platform is 1 point. The second challenge is a taco challenge. Contestants have to make a taco with ingredients. If all the contestants are done, the eliminated contestants will taste their taco. 10 points are rewarded per 1 like.
  • Bowling, Now with Explosions!: The challenge is a bowling contest. Characters with arms will bowl once to try and knock down as many pins as possible. For every pin knocked down, the contestant can subtract 30 points from any contestant's (including themselves) score. Whoever knocks down all 10 pins wins immunity.
  • The Reveal: The Challenge is Throwing Frisbees. 2 people pair up before starting the Frisbee Contest. Each team gets a frisbee, stays in the opposite side in the zone. The Team who gets three successful catches gets points depending on how good they do in the challenge. If you don't finish the challenge before the sun sets, the team who didn't finish gets a penalty of 1,000 points.

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