Cary Kaiming Huang is a Chinese-American former college student at Stanford University[1] who created and animated Battle for Dream Island, along with Michael Huang. According to his brother, he is older than Michael by 2 minutes and is more active than he is within the Object Shows Community. They were both born on March 19th 1997.

Cary is the creator and owner of Carykh and Humany.


Bring BFDI Episode 1 Part 2 Back10:37

Bring BFDI Episode 1 Part 2 Back

The video Cary uploaded when Take the Plunge: Part 2 was taken down from YouTube

Both Cary and Michael Huang provide the voices for the contestants during the season. Here is a list of the contestants who Cary voices:



Cary in 2006, as shown in Zack Bone Productions

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  1. Cary uses a email address

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