Cary Kaiming Huang (born March 18, 1997) is a YouTuber who with his brother Michael Huang created and produced the animated web series Battle for Dream Island. According to Michael, Cary is older by 2 minutes[citation needed]. He is currently attending Stanford University as a college student[citation needed].

Cary is the creator and owner of Carykh, Abacaba, and Humany.


Both Cary and Michael Huang provide the voices for a large number of contestants during the series.


  • Cary Huang voiced the first and last words to ever be spoken in Season 1, which were both said by Match.
  • Cary Huang is the creator of the game BFDIA 5b.
  • Bracelety is the hardest character for Cary to voice[citation needed].
  • Cary has created several series on his channel carykh, including Algodecathlon, Algicosathlon, BAGUETTE, and Ten Words of Wisdom.
  • At 15 characters, he does the second most voices out of any voice actor, with Michael being the only one with more roles, as seen at the end of every BFB episode.


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