BFDI Trivia 21 Cake at Stakes in order01:15

BFDI Trivia 21 Cake at Stakes in order

The Cake at Stake intro Transcripts.

Episode 2-9

(Childish voice)

Dadadadadadadada Cake at Stake!

Episode 10-12

(Childish voice) Hork Hork Hork! Glorp Glorp! Gloop Gloop Gloop! Doot Doot! Cake at Stake!

Episode 13-19

OMG, There's points now!

Who'll go home?

We'll just see...

It's Cake at Stake!

Episode 20-25 (also cover by cartoonremix4)

(All) the points are gone, we are free from them now but we look on. To the moment that we see, the next slice of cake. A step closer to the prize, brought on by Cake at Stake.

Episode 21 (AnimationEpic)

Season coming to an end. Very few contestants left! Some of them are getting cake! One of them is so at stake! It's Cake at Stake!

Season 2 Episode 2 (Performed by TV)


Doy doy doy doy doy doy doy doy! Coik at stoik!
The other one:



Season 2 Episode 3 (Performed by Puffball Speaker Box)

(Autotuned) Cake at stake.

Season 2 Episode 5a (Performed by Firey Speaker Box)

Cake at Stake!

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