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No hard feelings, right?

Cake is a male contestant on Battle for BFDI. He was a former recommended character who first appeared in "Cycle of Life", when Announcer said there was no Cake at Stake. He appeared to be a strawberry cake without limbs.

Cake had a chance to compete in BFDIA, but he placed 23rd with 134 votes, and got flung to the Locker of Losers.

Cake's IDFB redesign features Cake as a slice of a chocolate cake, along with a white frosting puff on top and a rim of pink frosting.[1]

Cake had a chance to rejoin the show as of Welcome Back.

Cake was supposed to have a major role in Fortunate Ben[2], but this did not happen, because Satomi Hinatsu, the one who confirmed that, did not write the episode.


Cake is generally a shy and effeminate person, not talking much until it's necessary. He blushes a lot, but mostly after Loser nudges him due to the word ‘cake’, as well as when he won a tic-tac-toe game against Pie. Cake is also easily frightened.

Cake has also been shown as a dependent person, often relying on Loser for emotional and challenge-related support.

However, his personality changed in The Liar Ball You Don't Want, as he stated himself that there is a reason for Loser to be eliminated, despite the fact that Cake often relies on him for help and support, meaning that it's possible that Cake will get close to anyone who he thinks is capable of providing help, and immediately turns his back if he thinks the person has a bad influence.

This anger towards Loser was short-lived, however, as in BFB 8, Cake said he knew the answer but was too afraid to say it because Loser wasn't there to support him. He did say the answer though, after Pin made a speech.


Cake appears to be a slice of chocolate fudge cake with a frosting puff on top.


  • Cake is sentient.
  • Cake's face is hand-drawn.
  • Cake has no limbs.


  • Cake has a face made of object assets.
  • Cake's torso is the normal cake asset.
  • Cake has legs, but no arms.


  • Cake is a slice of chocolate cake.
  • Cake has an ivory frosting puff on top of him.
  • Cake is significantly smaller.
  • Cake has a hot pink frosting rim at his top-right.
  • Cake gains shading to the right of his frosting puff.
  • Cake gains shading on his frosting rim to his bottom left.



Cake's possible first appearance in Episode 8.

In "Cycle of Life", what could've been Cake made a brief appearance. When Announcer said that there was no Cake at Stake, a limbless Cake with mouth and eyes that was once smiling started to cower when Announcer said there was no Cake at Stake. It is not confirmed if this cake is recommended by anyone, but if it is, than he is the first ever recommended character.

In "Gardening Hero", Cake made a minor appearance as a recommended character. He was recommended by a user named MVboys.


Season 2
Episode Votes
1 134 (To join)
Season 4
Episode Votes
7 826


Cake yay

Cake blushing


  • He is the only male contestant to be voiced by Kenzie Bryant.
  • He blushes a lot.
  • He was promised to have a major role in Fortunate Ben, but this didn't happen.
  • Cake so far has the closest relationship to Loser than any other contestant.
    • According to Cary's reaction to BFB 7, he is his biggest fan.
    • Despite this, he seemed okay with Loser being eliminated.
  • Cake is technically the only confirmed character to possibly have blood and a circulatory system, since blushing is actually when the blood vessels near the face open up and the heart pumps blood faster toward the face. (Unless you count Donut, who has cherry filling for blood.)
  • Cake had the least amount of votes out of all the newbies in BFB 7.
  • Many fans mistake Cake for a girl due to his feminine voice.
  • He is the only mostly brown contestant with a white face.


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  1. Cakelayers
    The names of the layers in Cake's IDFB asset
  2. File: Cake Confirmed BFB 5.jpg At the bottom it says stuff about Cake.
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