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BFDI Commercials - Bubble Transformer00:34

BFDI Commercials - Bubble Transformer

Bubble Transformer is a product advertised by Yellow Face in Puzzling Mysteries.

Yellow Face says that Bubble Transformers are a way to get "smooth and soft" skin. However, the Bubble Transformer obviously turns you into a bubble (because, as stated by Yellow Face, bubbles have super smooth skin). Unfortunately, whoever is turned into a Bubble will pop, and since no personal Bubble Recovery Centers are sold, they die. A reason not to buy it.

Bubble Transformer is the first product shown in an advertisement by Yellow Face.


Yellow Face: Want skin that's SMOOTH and SOFT??


It will turn you into a BUBBLE! And bubble's skin is SUPER SMOOTH!

None of the people in our survey said that they didn't like it — because they popped before they could contact us... and we don't sell personal Bubble Recovery Centers... so they died.

(sad face)

(happy again) So yeah, BUY NOW!


  • This commercial was probably inspired by the fact that Pencil can turn into bubble in Sweet Tooth.


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