Episode Gallery Transcript


This is an announcement. Due to budget cuts, this episode will be using puppets instead of being animated.


Hey Pencil, how is going?


Oh nothing, just looking at clouds.


Watching clouds, huh? You seem pretty bored. Lets do something fun, like jumping off a cliff!
[Cuts to Leafy and Pencil standing on the edge of a cliff]


Pencil! I didn't mean that literally!


Wee- Oh so you didn't mean it literally?




So, we're not cliff jumping?




Let's watch clouds with Pen!



[Cuts to Pen watching clouds]


Why in fact I am!


Doing what?


Oh, you know...

[Shows Pen holding a pen]


Oh cool, I want one!

[Shows Pencil holding a pencil]




I want one too!

[Shows Leafy holding a leaf]


Yay! I have one too!

(Stabbing sound)

[Shows a pen stabbing Pen]



[Shows a pencil stabbing Pencil]

Pencil: Ahhhhhhhhhh-

[Shows Leafy with a weird face]


(weird noises)


Hahaha, these losers look like they're having so much fun with their dolls!

(Blocky pulls a pen out of Pen)

Blocky: Yum!

Pen: Ah, phew!

(Blocky pulls a pencil out of Pencil)

Blocky: Rarh!

Pencil: Phew!

(Blocky looks at Leafy with a weird face nervously, than takes the leaf out of Leafy hand)


(weird noise)

Blocky: Yum!

(Leafy's face turns into normal)


I've been recused!

[Shows all four]

All four: Yayyyyy!

[Shows Blocky with a weird face being stabbed by a pen, a pencil and is holding a leaf]


(weird noises)

[Shows Pen, Pencil and Leafy]

[All three turn to Blue Spongy]

Pen: What happened to you?

[Shows Blue Spongy]



[Shows all five]

Pencil: It's great to be puppets!

All five: Yay! | This is awesome! | This is the best thing ever!

[Real life puppets fade into animation, Blue Spongy turns back into Spongy]

All five: April Fools!

[Shows the Announcer]

Announcer: You were fooled weren't you? Haha.

[Shows Leafy]


Haha, even I was fooled!

[Theme song plays]

[Shows the Announcer]

Announcer: Last episode,

[Shows a flashback of Rocky vomiting in the barf bag]

Announcer: Rocky's barfing habits,

[Shows a flashback of Bubble licking a stack of an ice cream cone, Ice Cube, vomit and cream held by pen]

Announcer: Bubble's love for ice cream

[Shows a flashback of Leafy giving half of his taco to Pen]

Announcer: and Pen's cheating caused them to...

[Shows the list of points of contestants]

Announcer: ...fall into...

[Zooms in to 'The Danger Zone']

Announcer: ...the danger zone.

Announcer: Now it's time to see which of the three of you will be eliminated.

[Cake at stake song plays]

Announcer: So this time, we have a blueberry pie.

Bubble: Yum!

Announcer: But be gentle, because it's explosive.

Pencil: A-explosive!?

Announcer: So if you get some pie, you're safe. If you don't, you'll be eliminated. Anyways, we got 259 votes.

Bubble: That's not very many!

Announcer: No, it's not. Regardless, we've got a large crowd watching us today.

[Camera shows the recommended crowd]

[A giant metal box suddenly drops down, blocking the recommended crowd]

Announcer: I like to keep things private. Moving on.

[Camera shows the scoreboard and safe contestants]

[An arrow starts moving on the scoreboard]

Announcer: Since Pencil, Spongy, Firey, Blocky, Tennis Ball, Leafy, and Ice Cube were not in the Danger zone, they're safe.

[throws cakes]

[One cake hit Pencil and it explode]

[Throw cakes]

[Tennis Ball, Ice Cube and Spongy's cakes hit them and explode]

Announcer: There are only two slices left. Bubble, you only got 23 votes, so you are safe.

(Announcer tosses pie at Bubble and she catches it)

Bubble: Yoya!

Announcer: Now it's down to Pen and Rocky. Let's show the votes

(Drumroll noise plays)

(Rocky's votes are 92 while Pen's votes are 144)

Announcer: That means Rocky is safe...

(Announcer tosses pie at Rocky and it splats all over him)

Announcer: ...and Pen will be eliminated.

(Pen gets teleported to the TLC)

Announcer: Now that Pen is gone, you are the final 9 contestants.

Contestants: Yay!

Announcer: Isn't that wonderful?

Pencil: Yes, that is wonderful!

Announcer: So anyway, these are your current scores.

Leafy: So who's going to be up for elimination?

Announcer: Shush. I'll get to that later. The 16th contest is a bowling contest.

Blocky: Yay!

Announcer: Since armless people cannot bowl, they are disqualified.

Tennis Ball: Aww!

Announcer: So, let's get down to business. We will go in alphabetical order. So Blocky is first.

Blocky: Okay! (throws bowling ball)

(Blocky knocks down 7 pins)

Announcer: You only get one shot, so Bubble is next.

(Bubble throws her bowling ball and it falls into the gutter)

(The TV shows that Bubble knocked 0 pins)

(Blocky laughs at Bubble)

(Firey launches his "fired" bowling ball and it burns down all 10 pins)

Leafy: Yeah, let's do this! (throws bowling ball and knocks down 3 pins)

(Leafy goes crazy)

Announcer: Pencil is last. Go.

Pencil: Yeah! (throws bowling ball into the air, shatters Ice Cube, and knocks 5 pins down)

Announcer: So that's it.

Firey: Yay! So do I get points for the pins I knock down?

Announcer: Nope. This time, you get to take away points. For every pin you knock down, you can subtract 30 points from any other contestant's score.

Contestants: (gasps)

Announcer: So let's begin. Leafy you knocked down 3 pins. You can subtract 90 points. What is your decision?

Leafy: Hmm... I think it's pretty obvious what I want: Equality! 10 points off everybody.

(All contestants lose 10 points)

Announcer: Pencil, with 5 pins, you can subtract 150 points. What do you want?

Pencil: Same as Leafy, but I've gotta stick with my alliance. So that means 25 points off everyone else.

(Spongy, Firey, Blocky, Tennis Ball, Leafy and Rocky lose 25 points)

Announcer: Blocky, your 7 pins mean you can subtract 210 points.

Blocky: Okay, let's see... Let's drain away all of Bubble's points.

(Bubble's points are wiped out, and her score is 0)

Bubble: Oh, noio, ho!

Announcer: You have 112 points left to subtract.

Blocky: Great! I'll take away 56 points from Leafy and Pencil each for even thinking about lowering my score!

(Leafy and Pencil lose 56 points)

Pencil: Grr!

Announcer: Finally, Firey. You can subtract 300 points.

Firey: Ooh, that's a lot. Well, Ice Cube's like my opposite, so, she should lose 100 points or so.

(Ice Cube loses 100 points)

Firey: Spongy's too far ahead of everyone else now. Let's take 100 points off him as well.

(Spongy loses 100 points)

Firey: Blocky was really mean to Bubble. He should lose 40 points.

(Blocky loses 40 points)

Announcer: You have 60 points left to subtract.

Firey: That's perfect! I'll take away 30 points off Leafy and Pencil for subtracting my score!

(Leafy and Pencil lose 30 points)

Announcer: And that's it. These are your current scores.

Leafy: Okay, you've caused enough craziness. Can you finally tell me who's up for elimination?

Announcer: Actually, all of you are up for elimination.

Contestants: What?

Announcer: Except for Firey, because he knocked down all 10 pins. He has immunity.

Firey: Yay!

Leafy: Grr!

Firey: Oh, grieved with envy, aren't you?

Announcer: That's the unique twist to this episode. So voters, everyone, yes, you. Choose who you think should leave the Battle for Dream Island. Cast your vote by typing it in the comments section (slowed down) below. Voting ends April 10th.

(Privacy barrier gets set on fire and all the characters go screaming "OH MY GOSH")

Announcer: Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.


Yellow Face: (makes a weird noise) Isn't that a wonderful noise? Well, now you can listen to that noise 24/7 thanks to our Revolutionary Headphones! Listen to it while you walk. Listen to it while you sleep! These headphones can only play that noise and why would you want to listen to anything else? They also have a volume up button, and no volume down button. And best of all, our superglue makes them unremovable! So yeah, buy now!

(End of ad)

Voiceover: Next. Time. On BFDI.

Announcer: We will be throwing frisbees.

Firey: Ooh, yay!

(Firey throws a saw frisbee at Pencil)

Announcer: And one recommended character will join the game.

Contestants: (gasps)

(Don't miss it. May 1, 2011)

(End of episode)

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