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Episode Gallery Transcript


The voice
This is an announcement, due to budget cuts, this episode will be using puppets. Instead of being animated.

Leafy: Hey Pencil, how is going?

Pencil: Oh nothing, just looking at clouds.

Leafy: Watching clouds, huh? You seem pretty bored. Lets do something fun, like jumping off a cliff!

[Cuts to Leafy and Pencil standing on the edge of a cliff]

Leafy: Pencil! I didn't mean that literally!

Pencil: Wee- Oh so you didn't mean it literally?

Leafy: No.

Pencil: So we're not cliff jumping?

Leafy: No.

Pencil: Lets watch clouds with Pen!

Leafy: Yeah!

[Cuts to Pen watching clouds]

Pen: Why infact I am!

Pencil: Doing what?

Pen: Oh, you know.

[Shows Pen holding a pen]

Pencil: Oh cool, I want one!

[Shows Pencil holding a pencil]

Pencil: Awesome!

Leafy: I want one too!

[Shows Leafy holding a leaf]

Leafy: Yay! I have one too!

(Stabbing sound)

[Shows a pen stabbing Pen]

Pen: Ahhhhhhhhhh-

[Shows a pencil stabbing Pencil]

Pencil: Ahhhhhhhhhh-

[Shows Leafy with a weird face]

Leafy: (weird noises)

Blocky: Hahaha, these losers look like they are having so much fun with their dolls!

(Blocky pulls a pen out of Pen)

Blocky: Yum!

Pen: Ah, phew!

(Blocky pulls a pencil out of Pencil)

Blocky: Rarh!

Pencil: Phew!

(Blocky looks at Leafy with a weird face nervously, than takes the leaf out of Leafy hand)

Leafy: (weird noise)

Blocky: Yum!

(Leafy's face turns into normal)

Leafy: I've been recused!

[Shows all four]

All four: Yayyyyy!

[Shows Blocky with a weird face being stabbed by a pen, a pencil and is holding a leaf]

Blocky: (weird noises)

[Shows Pen, Pencil and Leafy]

[All three turn to Blue Spongy]

Pen: What happened to you?

[Shows Blue Spongy]

Spongy: Wah.

[Shows all five]

Pencil: It's great to be puppets!

All five: Yay! | This is awesome! | This is the best thing ever!

[Real life puppets fade into animation, Blue Spongy turns back into Spongy]

All five: April Fools!

[Shows the Announcer]

Announcer: You were fooled weren't you? Haha.

[Shows Leafy]

Leafy: Haha, even I was fooled!

[Theme song plays]

[Shows the Announcer]

Announcer: Last episode,

[Shows a flashback of Rocky vomiting in the barf bag]

Announcer: Rocky's barfing habits,

[Shows a flashback of Bubble licking a stack of an ice cream cone, Ice Cube, vomit and cream held by pen]

Announcer: Bubble's love for ice cream

[Shows a flashback of Leafy giving half of his taco to Pen]

Announcer: and Pen's cheating caused them to...

[Shows the list of points of contestants]

Announcer: ...fall into...

[Zooms in to 'The Danger Zone']

Announcer: ...the danger zone.

Announcer: Now it's time to see which of the three of you will be eliminated.

[Cake at stake song plays]

Announcer: So this time, we have a blueberry pie.

Bubble: Yum!

Announcer: But be gentle, because it's explosive.

Pencil: A-explosive!?

Announcer: So if you get some pie, you're safe. If you don't, you'll be eliminated. Anyways, we got 259 votes.

Bubble: That's not very many!

Announcer: No, it's not. Regardless, we've got a large crowd watching us today.

[Camera shows the recommended crowd]

[A giant metal box suddenly drops down, blocking the recommended crowd]

Announcer: I like to keep things private. Moving on.

[Camera shows the scoreboard and safe contestants]

[An arrow starts moving on the scoreboard]

Announcer: Since Pencil, Spongy, Firey, Blocky, Tennis Ball, Leafy, and Ice Cube were not in the Danger zone, they're safe.

[throws cakes]

[One cake hit Pencil and it explode]

[Throw cakes]

[Tennis Ball, Ice Cube and Spongy's cakes hit them and explode]

Announcer: There are only two slices left.

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