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"Golf Ball sounds like a boy, even though she's a girl, and that's just... WRONG!"

This character's gender hasn't been revealed by the creator, so when editing, use either the pronouns it or singular they when referring to the character in the article.

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Bottle is a recommended character  who was eligible to compete in BFDIA; however, Bottle only got 29 votes, coming in 58th place, above Bracelety, who is the lowest, which is still not enough to join the game.

There are multiple versions of Bottle: a clear "Bottle", recommended both by VRTBV and jaysillyboy, and a sky blue "Bottley" recommended by KINOFARR65, and a "Blue Water Bottle" with Bottley's idle and blue water, recommended by KittyandSammi. VRTBV's Bottle appeared in Episode 13, jaysillyboy's Bottle appeared in Episode 15, and KINOFARR65's Bottley and KittyandSammi's Blue Water Bottle appeared in Episode 16.

Bottle's IDFB redesign features a more glassy look on it, as well as being transparent.

Bottle currently has a chance to rejoin IDFB along with the other TLC Prisoners.


Bottle appears to be a glass bottle. Bottle's main body is clear, while its shine is white. The outline is smoky gray.



  • Bottle is armless.
  • Bottle is powder blue.
  • Bottle is drawn nicely.
  • Bottle has a consistent shape.
  • Bottle has a thick, blue outline.


  • Bottle gains arms.
  • Bottle has a thinner outline.


  • Bottle is badly drawn.
  • Bottle is larger.
  • Bottle has a black outline.
  • Bottle is cyan.


  • Bottle is transparent.


  • Bottle reverts to their BFDI 16 design.


  • Bottle is transparent.
  • Bottle's outline is smoky gray.
  • Bottle has a consistent shape.
  • Bottle is larger.
  • Bottle has a white shine to their left and nozzle.
Bottle Anniversary


BFDI Contestants


BFDIA Contestants

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