Well, as long as elimination doesn't mean dying, then we're succesfully still preventing death!
— Bottle, Fortunate Ben

Bottle is a female contestant and is one of the former recommended characters who was eligible to compete in BFDIA; however, she only received 29 votes to compete, coming in 58th place, above Bracelety, who was the lowest. She didn't receive anywhere near enough votes to join the game, so she was flung to the Locker of Losers with the Sender Scoop Thrower.

There are multiple versions of Bottle: a clear "Bottle", recommended both by VRTBV and jaysillyboy, and a sky blue "Bottley" recommended by KINOARR65, and a "Blue Water Bottle" with Bottley's idle and blue water, recommended by KittyandSammi. VRTBV's Bottle appeared in Episode 13, jaysillyboy's Bottle appeared in Episode 15, and KINOFARR65's Bottley and KittyandSammi's Blue Water Bottle appeared in Episode 16.

Bottle's IDFB redesign features a more glassy, wide look on her, as well as being transparent.

Bottle had a chance to rejoin IDFB along with the other TLC prisoners. She got 30 votes, the least out of everyone else.[2]


Bottle seems to be rather unintelligent and immature, but is also curious about the world around her.


Bottle appears to be a glass bottle. Bottle's main body is clear, while her shine is white. The outline is smoky gray.



  • Bottle is possibly armless.
  • Bottle is powder blue.
  • Bottle is drawn nicely.
  • Bottle has a consistent shape.
  • Bottle has a thin, blue outline.


  • Bottle gains arms.
  • Bottle has a thicker outline.


  • Bottle is badly drawn.
  • Bottle is larger.
  • Bottle has a black outline.
  • Bottle is cyan.


  • Bottle is full of water.


  • Bottle is transparent.
  • Bottle's mouth is moved up slightly.


  • Bottle reverts to her BFDI 16 design.


  • Bottle is transparent.
  • Bottle's outline is smoky gray.
  • Bottle has a consistent shape.
  • Bottle is larger.
  • Bottle has a white shine to her left and nozzle.


  1. Bowling, Now with Explosions!: She may have burned to death while trapped in a large metal box.
  2. Rescission: She is disintegrated by a laser shot by Pencil.


  • Bottle was also once recommended as Bottley.
  • There is a recommended character named Pina Colada which has a yellow substance in it.
  • Bottle hates killing.
  • Bottle had the 2nd least amount of votes to join BFDIA. The only one lower than her was Bracelety.
  • Running Gag: When Bottle says anything related to preventing death, someone dies, and then she says "And ____ is dead!"
  • Bottle, so far, has only frowned twice (in the intro, and in BFB 4 while protecting Four from the forks, excluding times where she is only a recommended character).
  • Bottle must be made of a glass that is very strong against forks, because she was able to get hurt by tons of forks who were going too fast to break any type of glass or leave a crack on it.
  • She has a unique smile on her face.


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  1. User:HazelCricket, the user who made the comment, is Satomi Hinatsu, who is one of the 3 members of Jacknjellify.
    Satomi Says Bottle's Gender

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