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In Zeeky Boogy DoogCoiny recovers Bubble, along with Bomby, Rocky, and Spongy, and attempts to recover Book, who is not dead. Later, Coiny asks Bomby to join WOAH Bunch. When Bomby denies, Coiny convinces him to switch by threatening to ignite him with Firey. Later, in order to defeat Team No-Name, Coiny lobs Bomby into the Underground Factory, setting off an explosion. Before he's tossed in, Bomby screams "oh no!!!"

In Get in the Van, Bubble refers to the explosion from BFDIA 4 as "Coiny's Explosion" despite the fact that Bomby was the one who exploded.

In No More Snow!, when Bomby panics over a bowl of petunias, Coiny tells him to "Stop panicking! It's just a bowl of petunias."