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This page has all recommended characters that are different versions of Coiny.

Blue Coiny

Blue Coiny is a male recommended character recommended by jamalioHabbo14. BC is a blue-coloured variation of Coiny, except for the fact that he don't have legs (only in Gardening Hero). He first appearance was in Gardening Hero as one of the gaspers. Blue Coiny was also recommended by Peaflock in The Glistening as one of the recommended characters to vote for Ice Cube, he also had legs in that episode.

His personality is similar to Coiny.


  • He probably didn't have legs in BFDI 20 because of an error.


Lose Token

Lose Token is a character recommended by pokpower8. He was in Lick Your Way To Freedom.

Square Coiny with Rounded Edges


Square Coiny with Rounded Edges is a recommended character that appeared in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2. It is a rounded rectangle that is copper-colored, and like its name suggests, meant to resemble Coiny (but is slightly darker). It was recommended by beanme100. It was one of the many recommended characters who got eaten by the bugs.

Soldier Coiny

Soldier Coiny is a character recommended by Unknown1337s. It is an exact duplicate of Coiny, looking surprised. It appeared in Don't Pierce My Flesh as one of the characters who died after The Volcano erupted.

WT Coiny