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  • Derekblue1

    Mah dictionary

    May 26, 2017 by Derekblue1

    Definitions of BFDI users.

    Inspired by Derpyunikitty.

    TennisBallFan - A fulipino guy that is a fan of Tennis Ball, he likes turtles.

    Derekblue1 - An Australian maths genius guy that likes cute Yoshis and Sarcasm Spasm Nickel. Happy and sarcastic?

    Derpyunikitty - A bracelety fan and blogger of BFDI wiki that is called a goose for zero reasons.

    ChocolateBliss - A hot cocoa fan that loves ii. Crazy and fun.

    Phuocphuc46 - Reveals to have an occupation of Goal Achieved in Russian and lived in your shed. Possibly a cockroach.

    Cloudy176 - He gets eaten by Peeradon, RIP.


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  • Derekblue1

    My dictionary

    May 26, 2017 by Derekblue1
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  • Souleaternom
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  • MrPokemonMeme

    Yesterday the manager called me and said that I made the all star team!!!!!!!! My actual uniform number is 3 but for some reason he said that I will be wearing number 60 in the all star game I can't wait!!!!!!!!l!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • MrPokemonMeme

    Who would win in a war between these two idiots?

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  • TheTwistedMangle

    So, this fanfiction has been on the OSC wiki for few months and I wanted to show it to you all! 

    Link: Pretend to Remember

    You'll find the synopsis, how often I update it, and the actual story there! Here are the characters!

    (NOTE: Since depression will be mentioned, I just wanted to make it clear that it's NOT a mature theme in this story. It's more of a "I-am-so-upset-and-don't-feel-like-doing-anything" kind. Again, NOT  a mature theme.)

    • Firey (Main Protagonist) 
    • Gelatin (Deuteragonist) - Firey's best friend; goes through moderate depression throughout most of the story
    • Leafy (Tritagonist) - Firey's best friend, love interest, and girlfriend; doesn't appear for majority of the story

    • Coiny (Secondary Tritagonist)(I heard that some stories can hav…

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  • InsanipediaObjectMadnessWiki

    It's called "Nothing ever goes on"


    Show me what you made!


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  • ChocolateBliss

    Using the wikia on a phone is hard.

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  • ChocolateBliss


    May 25, 2017 by ChocolateBliss
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  • ChocolateBliss

    Due to all of the support of my voting blog, I will make a rp.

    Bfdi in wonderland.


    Derpyunikitty~Queen of Hearts~Bracelety

    Spongeedd~Chesire Cat~Cake

    TennisbalFan~White rabbit~Tennis ball                                                                                                                                                         NOTE/EDIT: There are only four spots left, so again, if you want to join, just comment.                                                                      


    ~If you want to join, just comment down below.

    Cake~Chesire Cat

    Bracelety~Queen of Hearts


    TennisBall~The White rabbit

    Clock~Bearer of time

    Eggy~The March Hare


    Blocky~The Mad Hatte…

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  • ChocolateBliss

    I will add that section in my profile.

    Feel free to add what you think about me.

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  • ChocolateBliss

    Its today!

    May 24, 2017 by ChocolateBliss

    My anniversary of my heart surgery to today!!!

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  • Peeradon
    1. 1997countryball - A user that named "countryball" but his avatar isn't a countryball. Cringe?
    2. 9K - A user of BFDI Wiki. It was probably around September of 2014 that he discovered BFDI(A). At that time he was very interested in BFDI(A), among with Amazing marble Race. Today, he is a famous TWOWer and a YouTube video poster, as **A.N.9K**.

    1. AbercrombieFizzwidget - A cancer kid who swear like an idiot to poor pp46 in II wiki. He also insult BFDI in this wikia.
    2. Alexandra Fedorova - Cancer.
    3. Animation Fever - Aka AF, an old user if I remember.
    4. AnimationEpic - A fake one.
    5. Ava Shotkoski - Vandals tbh.

    1. Bfdi is the best: cough A Vietnamese user that approaching out of nowhere around June 2014. He is very friendly and active users, and is first to beat Clou…

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  • Phuocphuc46


    May 24, 2017 by Phuocphuc46

    Comrades, Red Army and Red Navy men, commanders and political instructors, men and women workers, men and women collective farmers, intellectuals, brothers and sisters in the enemy rear who have temporarily fallen under the yoke of the German brigands, our glorious men and women guerrillas who are disrupting the rear of the German invaders!

    On behalf of the Soviet Government and our Bolshevik Party I greet you and congratulate you on the 24th anniversary of the great October Socialist Revolution.

    Comrades, today we must celebrate the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution in difficult conditions. The German brigands' treacherous attack and the war that they forced upon us have created a threat to our country. We have temporarily lost a n…

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  • InsanipediaObjectMadnessWiki

    Many wikis in Fandom tend to be a lot creative with their edit buttons. Now how am I supposed to fix this HOLE?!

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  • TheRobloxianGuy67


    May 24, 2017 by TheRobloxianGuy67

    Dogs of MLG II iS Putting And Editing Single time like he edit pencil and only said dumb f***k what is happening!

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  • TheRobloxianGuy67

    Inspired By Derpyunikitty

    this I is all the meaning of  all users in wiki including me

    Derpyunikitty-Bracelety Lover

    Redhuanhakim03-The Taspo Targo Fanboy Who Always says Taspo Targo

    Bfdi is the best-the weirdest user and he lives in Vietnam loves watching my little pony and a total inanimate insanity hater

    Ocremaker2000-The User Who Likes Doing Oc's

    Cutiesunflower-The Green Rocky fan and Edit War hater

    TennisBallFan-The Big Fan Of TB

    Phoucphuc46-Nice Admin or gives warning to people who are spamming edit wars

    Cloudy176-The Real Cloudy From BFDI

    Peeradon-The Cloudy Eater Or A Countryball lol


    TheRobloxianGuy67-The Roblox Fanboy

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  • Gobbol943

    Part 2 has the Cake at Stake!

    Firey Speaker Box: Now that everybody is settled, It's time for Cake At Stake!


    (To everyone at the Cake At Stake place)

    Firey Speaker Box: The cake this time is Cake's corpse, Chopped up into 18 little pieces.

    Nickel: That's even grosser than Donut's.

    Firey Speaker Box: Don't worry, Cake's been recovered. Once again, You need to appreciate on what I give you. Anyway, We received 9,806 votes. Which is the most ever!

    Pencil: OMG! That's a lot!

    Firey Speaker Box: W.O.A.H Bunch and FreeSmart, All of you finished in 1st and 2nd. So you all get Cake Chops!

    (They receive Cake Chops)

    Firey Speaker Box: For the first time in Team No-Name's history, Another contestant won the prize!

    Puffball: No! I was supposed to…

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  • TheRobloxianGuy67

    DT1 Bukit Panjang DT2 Cashew DT3 Hillview DT4 ??? (talk) 22:58, May 23, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Derpyunikitty

    This is a joke. It should be taken as a grain of salt. If you are offended or want something changed, go ask for it in the comments section

    NOTE: Minor Swear words will be used. Spesifically, "Damn"

    Cloudy176: Nice. Too nice to be an admin. More admins like Cloudy should exist, rather then trolls, countryballs, and bronies.

    PikminComet: A nobody user who came back strong. What a weirdo, considering they joined the wiki 3 years ago and did pretty much nothing.

    Derpyunikitty: A unlovong, selfish, whiny, racist, autrocios, idiotic, annoying, pain in the butt. Deserves to die. 

    TennisBallFan: A fillipino guy who likes turtles and BFDI. Also sound like a girl, but is a boy. Basically reverse Golf Ball.

    Derekblue1: A austrailian boy who moarns over th…

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  • ChocolateBliss

    uh oh

    May 23, 2017 by ChocolateBliss

    I think I added something "inappropriate" on my profile.

    Please don't ban me or block me.

    Thanks fam. ;)

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  • ChocolateBliss


    May 23, 2017 by ChocolateBliss

    Tomorrow is my anniversary of my heart surgery.

    May 24,2004 was the day I had my heart surgery. I was just 8 months old.

    Tomorrow will be the 13th anniversary.

    Some people asked me where I got the "scar" on my chest from.

    My heart had a hole in it, so the surgeons stiched it back up.

    Luckily, they gave me some medicine, or something, so I couldn't feel the pain.

    My mother wasn't really close to God as much as she is now.

    He could have took me home with him, but he gave me another chance at life.

    At times, I feel like I dont deserve to still be alive.

    Fyi, it's also called Heart Murmur.

    Thank you guys too.

    You made me realize that because I have a disability, (this? and Autism), I can still do anything.

    Yesterday I saw a video when Trump made fun  of a…

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  • Derpyunikitty

    Now that people are starting crap, i think its time to go.

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  • TennisBallFan

    So i've been working on a secret something for the past few days and I kinda wanna show you guys what i've been doing. Kinda like how Yandere Dev shows progress of Yandere Simulator on his blog. Anyway here's a sneak peek of what i've been working one.

    Ooh what could it be? I can't actually tell when this project will be done so you guys will have to wait and see.

    I'm gonna continue working on this for the next few days or so. I might not be editing that much here but i'll keep you guys updated on how things are going!

    This is TBFan signing off!

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  • MrPokemonMeme


    May 23, 2017 by MrPokemonMeme

    I was just watching fox news when it said that somebody just bombed a Ariana grande concert in england as far as they know so far!

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  • Gobbol943

    This is divided in three parts, Here's part one.

    (Now all metal, All members of FreeSmart and W.O.A.H Bunch are falling)

    Ruby: Want some berries?

    Pin: I don't. Because I've already had 13!

    Ruby: What about you, Book. Do you want any berries?

    Book: You are obsessed with Yoyleberries! You've been feeding them to everybody!!

    Ruby: What?! No...

    Book, Yellow Face, Spongy, Coiny and Pin: Yes, Ruby. You definitely fed them to everybody!

    Ruby: Aww.

    (They land back on the outskirts of Yoyle City, Gelatin gets recovered)

    Gelatin: Oh my Collagen, Everyone is metal! I don't like it!

    Fries: I have a way. Do you want to use my Anti-Yoyler?

    Gelatin: For sure!

    (Gelatin activates the Anti-Yoyler and everyone is normal again)

    Yellow Face: Let's go home!

    Pencil: We can't go home …

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  • TheTwistedMangle

    So, uh, this is my first (public) vent. First of all...

    Sometimes, I don't feel like I exist. In gym class, I dall down or hurt myself, hardly anybody, if not, nobody asks me if I'm okay because they're too distracted on winning the game or either don't care.

    On this wiki and the OSC, I don't even have a welcome from an admin or staff member. Barely anybody comments on my blogs while the newest/most active people get all the comments they want (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but still).

    Worst of all, these rude classmates. Only several. Everybody else is my friend, just nice to me, or I have no interaction with.

    One time at the end of the day during dismissal, I was getting a drink from the water fountain and when I came back, this boy ju…

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  • Phuocphuc46


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  • Peeradon
    1. Phuocphuc46: krazy
    2. Cloudy176: neutrally
    3. BITB: Idc
    4. Derpyunikitty: racist
    5. Tennisballfan: clumsy
    6. OC2000: idk
    7. Pikmincomet: meme
    8. theotherguest2: dead
    9. ezosmile: :-)

    More soon:tm:

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  • TheRobloxianGuy67

    I wish

    May 21, 2017 by TheRobloxianGuy67

    I wish i have discord now 

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  • TennisBallFan

    Yeah....go check me out there I guess.

    Here's the link to my profile there: Click me!

    (im re-reading RSVP there wanna join me? XD)

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  • TheTwistedMangle

    So, I changed my signature:

    The Most Well-Read Girl In The World! 17:04, May 21, 2017 (UTC)

    The only problem is that I don't know how to link it to my user and talk page automatically and I'm tired of typing the entire thing in on the "text to display" part.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Derpyunikitty


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  • Phuocphuc46


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  • Enzosmile

    hi i'm paul

    May 21, 2017 by Enzosmile
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  • Phuocphuc46


    May 21, 2017 by Phuocphuc46

    i hate derpyuniktityt

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  • Spongeedd


    May 20, 2017 by Spongeedd

    OMG! im sooo glad now!

    because i was in a confusion with and wiki error in my home page and now is safe again and in the way it was tnx peploe! i ;heart; you!

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  • PartyTime808

    So I decided to change the way we get RCs into the game. You will vote for your 16 favorite RCs and the top 16 will advance to the higher tier. The rest will advance to the lower tier. Then you will vote 8 from the higher tier and 8 from the lower tier. You get the deal. If you're still mesmerized, look at this.

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  • MrPokemonMeme

    OK so pick which team you think will win each game. I will play the game and tell you who wins. If you were right you'll get 10 points. If youre wrong youll lose 10 points. After all games are played the teams will advance to play the other winning teams until all games are over and the person with the most points wins.

    Here are the games for round 1:

    Tigers vs Rays-  Verlander vs Shields Tigers win! Final score: Tigers 4 Rays 3  

    Yankees vs Royals- Menendez vs Meche Royals win! Final score Yankees 1 Royals 5

    Rangers vs Orioles- Mendoza vs Albers

    Indians vs Red Sox- tba

    White Sox vs Astros- tba

    Athletics vs Mariners- tba

    Angels vs Blue Jays- Weaver vs Halladay

    Twins vs Giants- tba

    Marlins vs Dodgers- Fernandez vs Kershaw

    Pirates vs Phillies- tba


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  • Derpyunikitty


    May 20, 2017 by Derpyunikitty

    It makes me mad that people willingly participate into doing things. It especially makes me pissed off when it affects me or my friends. And i don't think anybody here understands feelings. 4 people participated into the murder of watering can. Lime i said several times before, it took me 5 hours to make the asset, because using your finger is just BAD.  While some people decide to do something just for fun or pkss off someone, it hurts. I am actually crying as the typing of this. While characters such as Duck deserve it, this was actually the first non-recolor (D.A.R.E Badge doesn't count as he's a clipart) Original RC to die. Why was that? Bfdi is the best. Bfdi is the best decided to constantly hurt it, and the watering can haters got t…

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  • OCremaker2000

    We had many much Characters online! Pick one:

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  • Bustoboy20

    Can someone help

    May 20, 2017 by Bustoboy20

    I'm kind of new to wikia, and i want to make a gallery on my userpage. But it wont let me add more than one picture. can someone help pls

    if it helps here's a slideshow of the pics i wanna use 

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  • Bfdi is the best

    pls vote because clody said i need approval of community ;-;


    yay voting ended and option "yes (pick pls)" got 5 votes im an admin now

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  • Derpyunikitty

    1349-9656-6980 Sure we can swap notes in swapdoodle and maybe trade pokemon. P.S. I already regustered mrpokemonmemes 3ds friend code. Bracelety is love. Bracelety is life. NOW GO VOTE HER TO JOIN IDFB!!! (talk) 02:40, May 20, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Gobbol943

    Hey guys.

    May 20, 2017 by Gobbol943

    My curiosity is so piqued on what happened in BFDIA 6 that I'm considering make a transcript about it, I'll even put in the deleted scene lines from when said episode wasn't released.

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  • TheTwistedMangle

    IDK what to say besides this:

    The Most Well-Read Girl In The World! May 20, 0:22 (UTC) (talk)

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  • Phuocphuc46TEST

    ha ha

    May 19, 2017 by Phuocphuc46TEST



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  • ChocolateBliss


    May 18, 2017 by ChocolateBliss

    Please forgive me Blu and Taylor.

    Im so very sorry for everything!!!

    Please put me back on the friends list Blu, and please unblock me Taylor on the II wikia

    I have been self-harming the past couple of days, and I havent been thinking before I type.

    Yes.Its true. I also put ant spray in my eyes.

    This isnt an excuse. This actually happened. Anybubbles, please consider this on Deviantart.

    I already asked Blu to tell Taylor to unblock me. Or shorten it.

    Then I asked Taylor himself.No response. Again I am reeeaaaaaalllyyy sorry Taylor and Blu, for EVERYTHING!! 💓💔 --Let's make some hot cocoa together~❤ (talk) 23:08, May 18, 2017 (UTC) choco

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  • ChocolateBliss


    May 18, 2017 by ChocolateBliss

    Please check my latest blog.

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  • BluJayPJ

    Name Categories

    May 18, 2017 by BluJayPJ

    A character shouldn't be a category. People are gonna think that this is a good idea to organize characters categories and add more unnecessary categories that all ready plague this wiki.

    as an example






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