• ObjectReater

    1.Bomby is the best character to ever exist

    2.Ps1 is better than n64

    3.I like Gaty

    4.Bubble and Taco are overrated

    5.Windows 10 is better than Windows 7/8

    6.I like vegetables more than fruit

    7.Monday is great

    8.2017 is the worst year ever

    9.Bfb isn't the best bfdi season

    10.Bfb 5 is the best bfb episode

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  • The Lurantis
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  • Hollywill666

    Hi guy im holly aka claty and im the host of claty it stands for






    Theres 60 30 clocks and 30 gatys

    --Contestants (0/60)--

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    If you want to join this klan,follow these steps.

    Step 1.Leave Kill Woody Klan Step 2.Put Woody Fan templates on your profile

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  • The Lurantis

    United forever in freewill and labour,

    Our mighty bells will ever endure.

    The Kill Woody Klan will live through the ages.

    The dream of a people their plain they secure.

    Long live our Blocky motherland,

    Built by the people's bells in hand.

    Long live our friends, together and free.

    Strong in Rockys tried by fire.

    Long may our light brown flag inspire,

    Orange in glory for all friends to see.

    Through days dark and stormy where Great Lurantis lead us

    Our eyes saw the bright sun of Teardrop above

    And Samantha our leader with faith in the people,

    Inspired us to build up the land that we love.

    Long live our Blocky motherland,

    Built by the people's bells in hand.

    Long live our friends, together and free.

    Strong in Rockys tried by fire.

    Long may our light brown flag …

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    laurel or yanny

    May 17, 2018 by OOOOOFXD

    yanny, l a u r r y, l  a  u  r  e  l,

    number 15,  burger king foot lettuce, the last thing you want in your burger is someones foot fungus, but as it turns out, that may be what you g a e t.

    B A T T L E F O R D R E A M I S L A N D

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  • FYX from Inferno

    Since I apparently can't meet deadlines anymore, I'm putting BB on a hiatus until May 26, my first day of summer.

    No challenge today.

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  • Af*ckingmoron


    May 17, 2018 by Af*ckingmoron

    O O F

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  • RoblesK

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  • Katajrocker

    So...on the character and episode pages, the templates for the top navigation are all messed up. I tried looking over the edit history of the template and I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t have caused this. Is this just a problem I’m having, or are other people seeing too?

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  • GenericGenerator999
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  • SeeminglyInconspicuous

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  • GreenWavey

    ok you can stop having a heart attack its not cancelled

    it will release may 20th

    o yeah also i have a very useless wiki that nobody cares about:

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  • FezEmerald


    May 17, 2018 by FezEmerald

    Battery is a character on FezEmerald's upcoming object show, The IRL Object Show. The top half is female and kind, the bottom half is male and mean. 

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  • Bfdi user or something

    Cake:(yawn)I can't wait for a great day!

    King cake (from across the room):Good morning my brother cake.Father is making cinnamon toast sticks for breakfast today.Hurry up if you want some.

    Cake:Ooh I love cinnamon toast sticks!

    Cake rushes down the stairs while King Cake does it more gracefully.

    Cakes dad:Ah you came down here.Robot Cake already left.

    King Cake:Yes Father, I heard he had a special project at the mechanical mind meeting.

    Cakes dad:So that's why he was in a hurry.

    Cake:Today Four wants me to come over to the competition.I think Jacknjellify is making a new episode!

    Cakes dad:Well cool! Hope you progress in the game!

    Cake:I will!

    King Cake:I have to meet up with King Pen for a meeting to talk about true royally.Got to go!

    Cakes dad :By …

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  • BFDIMatchfan08


    May 17, 2018 by BFDIMatchfan08

    Match : Yeah I know! She was so like scared and it was a bowling ball!

    Pencil : LOL!


    Pencil and Match : ... Okay?

    X : That's good!

    Four : Form eight teams of eight!

    Match : Pencil! Woody! Pen! Eraser! Firey! Coiny! Firey!

    The others : Yeah?!

    Match : Lets all be on the same team! :D

    Pen : Yeah!

    Coiny : *blushes* Yeah we should!

    Pen : *blushes*

    Match : Lets be called "The Roses!"

    Pen : Y-yeah...

    Pencil : Pen *leans towards pen*

    Pen : what.

    Pencil : DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON MATCH hehe!

    Match : as a female its NORMAL for people to have a crush on you

    Woody : I've wondered what its like to be a girl... now I know

    Knowledge :D



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  • BFDIMatchfan08

    ( I don't know the exact votes )

    Four : Time for the rejoin!

    Eraser : Um I don't care

    Four : *screech*

    Four : *plays intro* Okay lets get them back! *slaps self*

    Four : *contestants come out from four*

    Pencil : Wait Four! Before we do the rejoin I have a better idea of where to send the eliminated contestants!

    Four : Alright where?

    Pencil : Send them there *points at a treehouse*

    Four : Okay!

    Four : Roboty you got 1,304 votes

    Roboty : -.-

    Four : Stapy has 1,509 votes, 8-ball has 1,678 votes, and Pencil got 1,879 votes

    Pencil, Stapy, and 8-Ball : What no!

    Four : Braclety has 2,307 votes and Liy has 3,409 votes

    Four : Leafy and Loser are left!

    Four : Leafy Rejoins!

    Four : The challenge is to stay on your boat oh yeah Leafy joins the losers

    Four : 3...2...1...…

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  • Dygstrama

    AP Exams

    May 17, 2018 by Dygstrama

    Who else has AP exams coming up?

    I have one on Friday (Ap European History)    ):o

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  • Hiccory


    Here are the team captains: GopluXPoplu (me), JohnTwoShoes83 (Compact Disc), BFDI Rocky (Queen Eggy), and Katajrocker (Gleamy). Choose who you're gonna put on your team in a comment. Also name your team. thx bye

    • "Me" (GopluXPoplu / Team Captain)
    • Snowy (Wubthereal Island Lover)
    • Zorurie (Bokurei the Phantump)
    • Buzz (Ice Cold Lemon)
    • Centipede (Puppybugs)

    • Compact Disc (JohnTwoShoes83 / Team Captain)
    • Wiki Poster (Theworstfanontheinternet)
    • Thermometer (
    • Cornface (Aguyaagaa)
    • General Grassy (Mistaphone)

    • Queen Eggy (BFDI Rocky / Team Captain)
    • Toonie (SuperBFDIFan721)
    • Honeycomb (AwesomeAquamarine)
    • Ghost Cherry (SeeminglyInconspicuous)
    • Computery (ElloItsDunna)

    • Gleamy (katajrocker / Team Captain)
    • Hazelnut (Sweet Red Fox)
    • Di…

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  • The Lurantis

    Hello, this is Cloudy. I'm writing something in here because this blog post is blank.

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  • SirJay07
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  • GopluXPoplu

    Some sockpuppets are a bit trickier to detect than others. Not every sockpuppet of "BannedUser" is called "BannedUser's Revenge" or "BannedUser200". But one thing stands true—every sockpuppet can and will be found.

    Sockpuppets, sometimes called alts, are dummy-accounts made by a blocked user. While an alt can refer to an unblocked user's backup, the term sockpuppet should only be used to refer to malicious users.

    This is the easiest way to tell. If "BannedUser" was blocked on January 1st, 20XX, and the suspected user's account was created January 1st/2nd, 20XX, then the suspect is most likely a sock. Of course, if checking turns up an older account, that doesn't inherently mean that the suspect isn't a sock.

    Sockpuppets follow a trend. Their …

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  • SirJay07

    Blue characters

    May 16, 2018 by SirJay07
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  • SuperBFDIFan721


    May 16, 2018 by SuperBFDIFan721
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  • BFDIMatchfan08

    WARNING : This pickup line may not work I just made this for fun

    PICKUP LINE : Hey are you from an oven 'CUZ YOUR HOT

    Yeah I made this.... Lol

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  • Attacker00

    EAT 1a Extension

    May 16, 2018 by Attacker00

    For all EAT contestants:

    I have decided to extend the challenge deadline to Friday, May 16.
    I have done this because some contestants have not submitted or fully read the challenge prompt.

    cough cough*


    Wubthereal Island Lover
    SeeminglyInconspicuous (Didn't visit all the areas)

    EAT Episode Index

    Any contestant who comments on this post with a Commitment Token.

    The Commitment Token can be exchanged for a unique token!

    Names of tokens you can get:

    • Split Token
    • EV Token
    • Silver Token
    • Edge Token

    Thanks for your commitment! :)

    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    1b (Deadline)

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  • Cowpocalypse

    If Ruhmoat could do it, I could too. Please respect my opinion.

    A Better Name Than That

    • 8-Ball- meh
    • Basketball- meh
    • Blocky- Good
    • Golf Ball- Good
    • Grassy- Great
    • Robot Flower- ok
    • Tennis Ball- Good
    • TV- Bad


    • Balloony- Great
    • Cloudy- ok
    • David- ew no (worst character)
    • Leafy- Good
    • Nickel- ok
    • Roboty- Bad
    • Rocky- meh
    • Woody- ew no (worst character again)


    • Book- ok
    • Dora- ew no
    • Gaty- ok
    • Ice Cube- Good
    • Lollipop- Bad
    • Saw- ok
    • Taco- Good
    • Teardrop- Great

    Death P.A.C.T.

    • Black Hole- Good
    • Bottle- ok
    • Liy- Good
    • Pen- Great
    • Pie- meh
    • Pillow- Great
    • Remote- ok
    • Tree- ok
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  • SirJay07

    Yellow Characters

    May 16, 2018 by SirJay07
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  • Theworstfanontheinternet













    why do none of you get the joke

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  • MetalRock723

    Assets i got

    May 16, 2018 by MetalRock723
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  • MetalRock723


    May 16, 2018 by MetalRock723
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  • GoldKoopa

    SLS 4a: Items

    May 16, 2018 by GoldKoopa

    NOTE: I am making this on my friends computer. For more info, see my blog post, "Broken". Also, sorry if this was delayed so many times.

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  • GumbaTV1268


    again gimme

    -mass (In moons earths or jupiters)

    -radius (in km earths or moons)

    -pic and name of your oc

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  • GumbaTV1268

    No one signs up anyways xd


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  • CameruptAlolanform7979
    • Enter The Exit
    • yeaaaaaaah
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  • CameruptAlolanform7979
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  • AwesomeAquamarine


    Go Downstairs (story progresses)

    Watch more TV

    Lie Down

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  • Hollywill666

    My favorite user clocklover10 has been blocked till 12 November and extending so joinq

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  • AwesomeAquamarine


    Go Downstairs (story progresses)

    Watch TV

    Lie Down

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  • Hollywill666

    Um anyone here,.. Idk can i see you?

    and a armless female comes out

    A extol appear 

    Clock and gaty runs and ended up in the gym with 62 contest

    But 4 hours later a creature began to appear and its a blue 4

    Everyone gasps

    Chapter 1 will being in a serval days 

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  • RillersDillersZillets

    Look at my OCs that somebody made.

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  • EveryWorld

    I'm bored, go away.

    Oh, also, cringe warning.

    Intro plays

    Team Ice Cube throw Spongy at the button

    Death P.A.C.T throws Bottle at the button which causes her to shatter

    Woody barely hits the button before Ice Cube

    Everyone tells Four what letter they wish to eliminate.


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  • RoblesK


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  • Kittenchilly1234

    join this squad if you are stupid

    stupid members:

    kittenchilly1234 (stupid leader)

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  • Hiccory

    This camp is called "The Gleaming." I'm sorry for making a camp. No I'm not

    So this camp will work a little differently than most. There will be 20 contestants in four teams of five. I'm going to get episodes out as quickly as I can. However, I am currently in a Shakespeare production, which will throw a monkey wrench into this whole "camp" thing. But I'll try my best. If you hound me for episodes to come out quicker, your character will be eliminated. MWAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Just shows you what I'd be like if I were actually the flounder bureaucat amdin.

    oh right. um. So this camp will work a little differently than most in that the 20 contestants aren't battling for an island or a mansion or prize money. They're battling for a title. They al…

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  • JuleJules

    I'm taking a ride on the Unban SammyNWIKI train! Anyways, here's a squad that's even better than the failed Bans By Minh Prevention Squad! The Save SammyNWIKI Squad! It's the squad where people who want Sammy unbanned will form together to try and save Sammy from the torment of being banned! As the founder of this group, I classify as the leader, the second to join is Co-Leader, the next 5 to join are admins, and the next 5 are moderators, so come join this wiki if you love SammyNWIKI.



    JuleJules  (leader)

    SodaDrinker1001  (Co-Leader)

    GopluXPoplu (admin)

    Ceruglyphy (admin)

    Hiccory (admin)

    Pizzalovestodraw (admin)

    Theworstfanomntheinternet (admin)

    IAteDreamIsland (moderator)

    MetalRock723 (modera…

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  • 12345abaco

    A book version of the original version of the abcdefg (A Battle Concerning Delightfully Exciting Fine Gems!)

    Smart Red Book!

    Blue Card Book!

    Snow Ice Cold Book!

    Old Broken Brown Book!

    The Challenge is about get the food to the object!

    Loser : Old Broken Brown Book!

    Winner : Smart Red Book!

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  • Dygstrama


    May 15, 2018 by Dygstrama




    LIKE Dr. Doofenshmirtz

    ((my back hurts))

    ebic swagg yolo

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  • Ruhmoat

    i decided to make this blog post because this wiki is filled with way too much negativity, and as someone who loves 62 of the 64 contestants i'm here to try and fix that

    Alright here we go

    8-ball - great
    basketball - good
    blocky - good
    golf ball - great
    grassy - good
    robot flower - good
    tennis ball - good
    tv - good

    balloony - good
    cloudy - good
    david - good
    leafy - great
    nickel - good
    roboty - good
    rocky - good
    woody - great

    book - good
    dora - great
    gaty - good
    ice cube - good
    lollipop - good
    saw - good
    taco - great and also she's underrated
    teardrop - good

    black hole - great
    bottle - great
    liy - great
    pen - great
    pie - great
    pillow - great
    remote - neutral
    tree - great

    bell - good
    eraser - good
    foldy - great
    fries - good
    marker - good
    puffball - good
    stapy - good
    yellow face - g…

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  • Aliwinner

    Hereeee we go again

    1. I hate all other object shows. Nothing can ever top BFDI.
    2. Dora is the worst I HATE HER.
    3. Bubble sucks.
    4. Book is one of the better contestants.
    5. Firey is guddddd.
    6. You suck.
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