162px-Ice Cube

The prank victim

The second prank of the Blocky's Funny Doings International by Blocky. It was introduced in Cycle of Life, and ended in Insectophobe's Nightmare.


"Hi weirdos, Here's another prank. But this one involves Ice Cube instead of Bubble. Just take the Ice Cube Recovery Center, and just carry over the edge of a cliff, maybe, with a tree, yeah yeah, definitely, yeah. That's mandatory. And attach a spring from the tree to the Ice Cube Recovery Center, and then, melt Ice Cube. Melting kills her right? (Whispers in the background) Ice Cube is recreated, in the Ice Cube Recovery Center, she'll like weigh it down and the Ice Cube Recovery center will tilt down off the cliff, and Ice Cube will fall out and she'll crash to the bottom of the cliff! and Ice Cube is recreated in the Ice Cube Recovery Center, She'll like weigh it down and Ice Cube Recovery Center will tilt down off the cliff, and the cycle repeats! Yeah isn't that cool? pretty funny."

"This program, was brought to you, by Blocky's Funny Doings International."


The prank kept made an appearance in Insectophobe's Nightmare, this time featuring Match and Pencil. Pencil was reading her book, then suddenly, she hears a noise and dragged Match to come with her to investigate it. Upon arriving at where the noise came from, they discovered this prank. They looked down the cliff to see Ice Cube falling and breaking when she reached the bottom. Then, Ice Cube recovered, and pushing Match and Pencil to the cliff with her, presumably killing all of them.


  1. Carry the ICRC onto the edge of a cliff.
  2. Put or plant a tree.
  3. Put a spring on a tree.
  4. Put the ICRC onto the spring.
  5. Kill Ice Cube.
  6. A cycle of life and that's it!


  • This prank is the longest prank done. It continues for an episode, from the end of Cycle of Life and to the start of Insectophobe's Nightmare.
  • This is also the only prank to kill someone more than just the intended prank's target, being Pencil and Match.
    • Although it's not known if they had actually died.