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Blocky new
Voiced by: Michael Huang
Gender Male
Species Wooden block/Cube
Team Squishy Cherries, Squashy Grapes
Episode eliminated BFDI: Sweet Tooth, The Reveal
Place BFDI: 22nd (6 votes), 11th (112 Votes)
Friends Eraser, Leafy (one sided to his side), Pen, Snowball, Firey (possibly), Flower, Match (in episode 25 after Flower died "forever")
Enemies Everyone (except allies)
Color Red

Blocky was a male contestant on Battle for Dream Island. Blocky is good friends with Pen, Eraser, and most of all Snowball because he is just like them. Blocky is generally considered a bully and/or a prankster, making him the main antagonist from episodes 9-17 (taking over Flower's role).  He was one of the few contestants who were eliminated twice ever.

Blocky also appears in commercials in episodes 2, 8, 17, and 24. His company is called Blocky's Funny Doings International. In his commercials, he shows ways of making loops of Bubble, Ice Cube, Firey and the Speaker Box dying using their Recovery Centers.

In BFDIA, he appeared at the start of the episode to chase Leafy. He got 239 votes to join the second season, which was not enough, and was sent to the TLC along with the rest of the non-contestants.


  • As revealed in episode 3, Blocky is composed of wood. The other characters made of wood are Pencil, Match and Woody.
  • Blocky's side show Blocky's Funny Doings International is abbreviated as BFDI, which is the same as Battle for Dream Island.
  • Blocky, along with Flower and Spongy, are contestants that was eliminated, rejoined and then eliminated again.
    • Blocky was the first person to rejoin the competition. He was also the first of the rejoined contestants to be eliminated.
  • Blocky was the 2nd person of the Squishy Cherries to be eliminated after Spongy, which means he originally got 9th place out of all the contestants in the Squishy Cherries. However, he returned, so he got 5th place out of the original 10 Squishy Cherries.
  • Blocky's placed 22nd and 11th in the whole competition of BFDI.
  • Blocky lasted until episode 4 of BFDI, rejoined in episode 9, and wasn't eliminated again until episode 17, giving him a total of 11 months of competition, not counting the episodes he was eliminated.
  • Blocky along with Pin are the only contestants that are mostly red, Blocky is the only two to be fully red.
  • Blocky, along with Snowball, Flower, and Pin are considered to be the mean contestants of the bunch.
  • Blocky's total number of votes is 393 counting rejoining votes, and elimination votes.
  • Blocky killed the most contestants especially if one counts his commercials.
  • Blocky is the only person who was up for the 1st and 3rd rejoining.
  • Blocky along with Pen, Eraser, Snowball, Woody, and David are the classic contestants to not join BFDIA.
  • Blocky is the first male contestant to appear in BFDI. He is also the 5th contestant to appear.
  • Blocky used to be called Building Block.
  • Blocky was the first male contestant with all limbs eliminated in BFDI.
  • Blocky was the third and third to last contestant eliminated before the eliminated contestants voted for somebody to be eliminated.
  • An early version of Blocky's idle is seen on Dan's shirt in the animation When Video Games Malfunction by Jacknjellify.


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