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Blehlogo, also referred to as BookDoraGatyIceCubeLollipopSawTacoTeardrop, Bleh, GABOP (from looking from afar at the name) or *8 names at once* (in the captions), is one of the eight teams in Battle for BFDI. The long form of its name is a combination of the names of the eight original members. The word "Bleh" was used by Cary Huang, but is not used within the universe. Blehlogo is the only team in BFB to have only female contestants.

The team was formed after Book declared Pencil's Alliance "unhealthy" for her and Ice Cube, suggesting to her to join Gaty's team. Book then wanted Dora to join so she could learn more about how she was able to communicate with Four so well. Book then said to Teardrop that "it might seem like the whole world is against you, but I'm on your side", convincing her to join. Lastly, Gaty asked Saw to join. Saw agreed, and also brought along her friends Lollipop and Taco. Bracelety wanted to join the team originally since Ice Cube was in it, but she was too late, as Blehlogo already had 8 members.

The team was named when Four asked them what their team name was. The team members all replied with their own name at the same time. Yet, Four somehow says all their names at the same time when pronouncing it, which is impossible to do without editing.


Name Gender Photo Ranking Episode voted off the game Number of votes at point of elimination Total votes
Book Female Book TeamIcon TBA TBA TBA TBA
Dora Female
Gaty Female
Gaty BFB
Ice Cube Female IceCube TeamIcon TBA TBA TBA TBA
Lollipop Female
Lollipop intro
Saw Female
Saw intro
Taco Female
Taco Body Front copy
Teardrop Female


Episode Win/Lose Strategy
Getting Teardrop to Talk Win (7th) Running through a desert, the World's Largest Oven, and swimming through molten lava to catch X's basket.
Lick Your Way to Freedom Win (1st) Dora knocked out a jawbreaker and cracked it open, freeing Book.
Why Would You Do This on a Swingset Win (7th) Book was the only one pushing near the end of the challenge (if you exclude Taco who pushed through the jawbreaker).
Today's Very Special Episode Win (2nd) Teardrop drew "4" on a piece of paper, formerly placing them first, until FreeFoodLogo beat them.
Fortunate Ben Win Stayed airborne the entire challenge.
Four Goes Too Far Win (5th) Follow ABNTTLogo onto the moon, then use Taco to trick Bell into watching the moon so she gets the Twinkle of Contagion.
The Liar Ball You Don't Want Win (7th) In cooperation with ABNTTLogo's strategy to protect their crater, however they failed to do so and ABNTTLogo ended up for elimination.
Questions Answered Win (6th) Saw unintentionally answered "ate" after getting the question "What is the past tense of eat?".
This Episode Is About Basketball Win (6th) Teardrop and Book threw balls into the basket and eventually weighed it down enough.
Get to the Top in 500 Steps Win (2nd) Dora ran roughly 228.6 km/h (179.3 m/h) to make it to the top, pushing everyone off the stairs in the process.


  • Blehlogo had the most members out of any team killed before Four's appearance.
  • The team got its name "Bleh" from Cary Huang's reaction to BFB 1 (59:00).
  • In Getting Teardrop to Talk, most of their members die (with the exception of Dora and Saw).
  • Blehlogo was the last team to get its name.
  • Blehlogo will also be the last team to be up for elimination.
  • Ice Cube and Teardrop are the only original contestants on this team.
  • Blehlogo is the only team that has no round members.
  • Blehlogo is the first team to have combined names.
  • Blehlogo is the only team to not have any original Squishy Cherries members, as the only two originals from this team were both Squashy Grapes.
  • Blehlogo is the second team to be all female, while the first being FreeSmart.
    • This team has more female members (8) than FreeSmart (4-6) though this is due to Blehlogo having more members in general.
    • This also makes Blehlogo the only BFB team with all females due to FreeSmart being in BFDIA.
  • This is one of the three teams whose name was chosen accidentally. The other two are FreeFoodLogo and ABNTTLogo.
    • Coincidentally, they are the last three distinct teams to be up for voting.
  • The only people that have said Blehlogo so far are X, Four, Book, Saw, Basketball, Blocky, and Bracelety.
  • As of BFB 11, Blehlogo is the only team to never be up for elimination.
  • Blehlogo has more names/words than any Team name, 2nd going to ABNTTLogo.
  • Blehlogo and Team Ice Cube! both have Ice Cube's name in their team names.
  • This team has 2 original contestants (Teardrop and Ice Cube), 2 BFDIA newcomers (Dora and Book), 2 contestants that failed to join both BFDI and BFDIA (Taco and Saw), and 2 contestants that failed to join BFDIA (Lollipop and Gaty), making it proportionally split.



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