Oh cool! I've been crushed down to a smaller size!
— Black Hole, Getting Teardrop to Talk

Black Hole is a contestant on Battle for BFDI. He is a former recommended character that could have been voted for to join BFDIA. However, Black Hole only received 269 votes, placing 26th in voting, and was sent to the LOL.

Black Hole was first seen in Gardening Hero, pulling in Bubble and Spongy, and was sold because of budget cuts.

In Getting Teardrop to Talk, Flower forces Black Hole to help her open a jar of cyanide. In the proccess, Black Hole sucks up the recovery centers, Balloony, and the jar before being crushed down to a smaller size by Four.


Black Hole appears to be a black hole. He is black, surrounded by multicolored light.

In Gardening Hero, Black Hole is extremely large. In BFDIA, Black Hole was scaled down significantly. In BFB, it was crushed by Four, becoming the size of an average contestant and allowing it to compete.


  • Black Hole does not always vacuum in objects.
    • In the LOL, he didn't consume it or any of its contents.
    • In BFB, his absorption abilities seem to be voluntary as demonstrated in the first episode.
    • After becoming smaller, this ability has been weakened, as demonstrated in the second episode.
  • Black Hole is one of the two contestants that are faceless, the other one being Robot Flower.
  • Black Hole is the only limbless member of Death P.A.C.T..
    • He is also the only faceless member of Death P.A.C.T..
  • Black hole is one of the only limbless characters who can fly.


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