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Battle of the Fantasy Food 2016 was a contest run by Wikia Inc. 64 types of fictional food participated, and the top four were featured as a real-life version on the New York Comic Con. Yoylecake nominated and voted into the contest, and ultimately became the winner. This article recaps its run round by round.


Round Number Competitor Winner Theorized reason
1 Dark Forest Cake (Portal) Yoylecake All that Dark Forest Cake has going for it is a dead meme.
2 Gobblegum (Call of Duty) Yoylecake Call of Duty is infamous for having a bad fanbase.
3 Rainbow Confetti Bread (Breadwinners) Yoylecake Breadwinners has been critically bashed many times, leading to it's cancellation and irrelevance in the public's eyes.
4 Moomoo Milk (Pokémon) Yoylecake Moomoo Milk is just some ordinary milk that wasn't featured at all in Generation 6 and barely made an appearance in Generation 7, which makes it irrelevant.
5 Pawpsicles (Zootopia) Yoylecake Zootopia was a rather new movie at the time, and the Pawpsicles only played a small role in the movie.
6 Pitt Cola (Gravity Falls) Yoylecake Pitt Cola is not talked about a lot by Gravity Falls fans. 


  • Yoylecake winning has caused much controversy as people believe it only won because Jacknjellify told their fans to vote for Yoylecake, while the other competitors did nothing to promote their foods.
    • This resulted in a creation of a bunch of comments on the blog posts about the contest reading "Yoylecake!".
  • The last two competitors were both from Disney.

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