Yoylecake's Battle Of The Fantasy Food run Is about Yoylecake's B.O.F.F 2016 run. Yoylecake was nominated and voted in to B.O.F.F. This article recaps it's run round by round.

ROUND 1: VS "Dark Forest Cake" from Portal.

ROUND 2: VS "Gobblegum" from Call of Duty.

ROUND 3: VS "Rainbow Confetti Bread" from Breadwinners.

ROUND 4: VS "Moo Moo Milk" From Pokémon.

ROUND 5: VS "Pawpsicles" From Zootopia.

ROUND 6: VS "Pitt Cola" From Gravity Falls.

After round 6, Yoylecake won B.O.F.F. 2016.


  • Yoylecake winning has caused much controversy as people believe it only won because Jacknjellify got his fans to vote Yoylecake.

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