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The Liar Ball You Don't Want is the 7th episode of Battle for BFDI, and the 38th episode overall of the Battle for Dream Island series. It was released on February 16, 2018.

The contestants are all having fun playing with giant poppers. Loser joins them and the others huddle around to welcome him. He sees the poppers and says how he loves them and used to play with them. However, Fanny points out that the toys were just invented, meaning that Loser couldn't have played with them before, and therefore he was lying. The others look at Loser, surprised. Then Bomby gets hit by a popper (offscreen) and is launched in front of the screen with his arm in midair, starting the intro.

Donut forces everyone to clear up the area of tiles near the Lavatories for safety, as this is his first time hosting Cake at Stake, and he doesn't want anything to go wrong. (Full article...)

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Did you know...

  • ... that Camera is the only non-contestant to appear in all four seasons of BFDI?
  • ... that Gaty may be Satomi’s favorite character? (as she is in Satomi’s profile picture on her Wikia profile, and her Ten Words of Wisdom booksona has Gaty's hinges)
  • ... that the first episode without any deaths was The Glistening?
  • ... that all of the teams in BFB have at least one original Squishy Cherry, with the exception of Babop?
  • ... that Englishcreamcakes was the first Pencil voter?


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