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Balloony is one of the 30 former recommended characters who had a chance at joining the game during The Reveal and Reveal Novum, but he failed to get into the game, receiving only 6 votes and placing 21st.

Balloony also had a chance to join BFDIA, but placed 32nd with only 102 votes, which wasn't enough to join, and was flung to the LOL. He later made a cameo in Get in the Van where Firey asked Gelatin, standing inside the LOL.

Different bodies were used for Balloony's several recommendations. The body that appeared in Episode 18 looks like Inanimate Insanity's Balloon.

Balloony's IDFB redesign features a wobbly body and is now jade instead of green. Balloony, along with the other characters in the TLC, had a chance to debut in IDFB.

Balloony has a similar voice to Leafy and Bubble, perhaps a hybrid of some sort.


Balloony appears to be a balloon, with an unknown type of air in it. Balloony's body is jade, its shading is emerald, and shine is mint. His body is a thin line like Flower's, but is made in a curvy shape to look like the string of a balloon.



  • Balloony is green.
  • Balloony is named "Balloon".
  • Balloony has a straight body.
  • Balloony has shading to his right.


  • Balloony is renamed "Balloony".

BFDI 18 (AnimationEpic's recommended character)

  • Balloony is now hot pink.
  • Balloony loses his body.
  • Balloony loses his arms.

BFDI 18 (one of 30 recommended characters eligible to join)

  • Balloony is now a dark green.
  • Balloony regains his body.
  • Balloony regains his arms.


  • Balloony is a darker hot pink.
  • Balloony loses his body.


  • Balloony regains their appearance that he attained in BFDI 18.


  • Balloony is now jade.
  • Balloony has a mint shine.
  • Balloony's shading is now toward the bottom-right near the center.
  • Balloony has a squiggly body, instead of a straight one.
  • Balloony is slightly shorter.


  • Balloony is able to safely open himself to fly.
  • Balloony is the second character to have a stick body. The first being Flower.
  • As seen on Leafy's loyalty chart, Balloony isn't very loyal.


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BFDIA Contestants

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