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Episode Gallery Transcript
The video starts with Firey holding a container with goggles in them, approaching towards a dug hole


It feels so good to be back. You look nervous.

[Screen moves over to Coiny, sitting on a slingshot on a couch used as a launching pad for it. In the distance is a tall, yellow on the top half tree]


Do I? 'Cause I'm not. I mean it's not like we're not going to do this.


You're the one who wanted to do it.


I'm the one who wanted to do it. 'Cause we gotta know when it's coming out, and that's important.


It's not that important.


It's a slug.

[Firey throws the container away]


It's THE slug.

[Firey walks forward and looks at the hole]

Firey: I'm sure it's gonna come out soon, it's in the book.

Coiny: Yeah, it's in the book. And the book is where?

[Firey walks over to Coiny]

Firey: Here, if it's such a big deal, I'll just climb and get it.

[Coiny gets off the couch and points at Firey]

Coiny: No, I'm slingshotting.

Firey: Well, if you're happy, then I'm happy as well.

[Coiny gets on the couch again]

Coiny: Oh, don't say that, it makes it sound like you don't really mean it.

[Coiny looks over the couch]

Coiny: I mean like, you're not actually happy. Did you get the goggles?

[Firey takes out the goggle from his body, and hands it over to Coiny]

Firey: They're right here. Also, what are we aiming for?

[Coiny sits down and points at the tree]

Coiny: Top of the tree, easy shot. Are we ready?

Firey: We're ready.

[The camera cuts to Needle, standing next to the hole]

Needle: Ready for what?

Coiny: I'm going to die.

Firey: Needle! He's not going to die.

[Needle runs over to the two]

Needle: Ooh! Can I watch? Also, call me Needy!

Firey: Needy, I like that. Also he might die.

[Firey removes one of the handle, launching Coiny off, but unfortunately he misses the tree]

Coiny: That didn't really work.

[Coiny takes a book out]

Coiny: [singing] But guess who got the book!

[Firey takes and opens the book from Coiny's hands, dropping him]

[Zooming on the book, "First of September is highlighted in yellow, with the text "September 1, 2016 8 AM PDT" appearing, shaking on the top right corner]

Firey: Oh my spark, September first, this is a joke, right?

[Coiny sits up and raises his hand, preparing for a high-five]

Coiny: It's not a joke. Let's get a high five, we got that book -

[Coiny raises his hand up higher]

Coiny: - too slow.

[Firey accidentally slaps Coiny to the ground. Firey walks over and check on Coiny]

Firey: Oh, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Coiny: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Firey: Oh, but September first... How far even is that? [counting on his hand] One... twoth... one... That's like-

[The screen moves up, showing the text "Battle for Dream Island is back!]

Coiny: There's so much barbed wire the things I do. But it feels good to be back.

[Flower and Ice Cube talking to each other off-screen]

Flower: Ice Cube, don't you think I look beautiful?

Ice Cube: Uhhh... no?

[Ice Cube is presumed to be kicked by an angered Flower towards Coiny, launching him off-screen]

[The announcement ended, screenshots of Jacknjellify's tweets saying that on Wikia, they're having a "Battle of Fictional Foods" contest, and for Round 1, Yoylecake competes with the chocolate cake from the Portal series. A tweet from Legotd61, a fan of the show says that the Yoylecake beat the Portal cake, and there's a screenshot showing that the Yoylecake went to round 2. a box saying "Vote Yoylecake! Link in the description" pops up, then changes into "Let's do this"]

[Video ends]

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