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20th: Flower

19th: Spongy

18th: Blocky

17th: Woody

16th: Pin

15th: Needle

Blocky rejoins

15th: Teardrop

14th: Golf Ball

13th: Coiny

12th: Snowball

11th: Match

Spongy rejoins

11th: Eraser

10th: Pen

9th: Blocky

8th: Tennis Ball

David debuts

8th: Pencil

7th: David

6th: Ice Cube

Flower rejoins

6th: Rocky

5th: Spongy

4th: Flower

3rd: Bubble

2nd: Leafy

1st: Firey

Elimination Order

21st: Woody

20th: Pin

19th: Needle

18th: Teardrop

17th: Golf Ball

16th: Coiny

15th: Snowball

14th: Match

13th: Eraser

12th: Pen

11th: Blocky

10th: Tennis Ball

9th: Pencil

8th: David

7th: Ice Cube

6th: Rocky

5th: Spongy

4th: Flower

3rd: Bubble

2nd: Leafy

1st: Firey

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