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BFDI's Best Hiatus Ever is a video discussing a longer hiatus for IDFB 2's release. In the video, Michael Huang discusses that BFDI will be put aside for other projects that were on hold, along with Cary and him in their sophomore year will make BFDI late. In the video, it was announced that Michael and Cary will work on projects that the didn't have the time to start or finish, such as Ten Words of Wisdom Nation, Abacaba, and finish 5b. After those projects are finished, Michael and Cary will develop a tool called "TM" to make IDFB weekly, rather than monthly.


  • In the first 10 seconds of the video, Gelatin and Teardrop are seen. They appear to be the size of their real-life counterparts, which in one of Cary's videos He said they were human-sized, creating an inconsistency.
    • This video is most likely non-canon.