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Our name has to be another name!
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Another Name is a team in Battle for Dream Island, created in Insectophobe's Nightmare when the teams were uneven (the Grapes had 10 contestants while the Cherries had 5), so the Announcer decided to split the Squashy Grapes into two teams. One group was lead by Leafy and was still called the Squashy Grapes, as the name had grown on Leafy. Firey suggested that their team be called "Squashy Grapes" as well, but Golf Ball disagreed and told him that the team name had to be "another name". The Announcer named the team "Another Name" as a result. The team included Rocky, Coiny, Firey, Tennis Ball, and Golf Ball.


Name Gender Photo Order voted off Episode voted off Number of votes at point of elimination
Golf Ball Female
Golf ball 1
(17th place)
Lofty 6 (originally 12 but she used a Win Token)
Coiny Male
(16th place)
A Leg Up in the Race 30
Tennis Ball Male
Tennis ball 1
(10th place)
Reveal Novum 2 (tied with Leafy, eliminated via tiebreaker)
Rocky Male
Rocky 1
(6th place)
Don't Pierce My Flesh 319
Firey Male

(1st place)

None (won) 406 (to win)


  • This is the shortest team that lived in the series by only lasting 3 episodes.
  • This is the only team to have each of its members to compete in BFDIA.
    • The same goes for IDFB.
  • This team only has one female contestant (GB) and 4 male contestants (TB, Rocky, Firey, and Coiny).
  • This is also the team that has the least members to begin with, being 5. (If Match and Bubble are counted as members of FreeSmart. If not, FreeSmart beats this record, having 4 official competing members.)
  • This is the only team that never got 1st place in a single challenge out of BFDI/BFDIA.
    • It is also the only team to never have someone switch onto it, unless the BFB teams are counted.
  • The naming scheme was repeated in the first episode of BFB, with Golf Ball naming her team Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 11.02.30 PM on accident.