This page lists recommended characters that are variations of Ice Cube.

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Acid Ice Cube

Acid Ice Cube first appeared in Gardening Hero. It was shown as one of the gaspers in the episode. It was recommended by marioluigi3128.

Baby Ice Cube

Baby Pen

Baby Ice Cube was first seen in The Reveal. She is a smaller ice cube with a diaper and a pacifier.

Bronze Ice Cube

Bronze Ice Cube is a bronze version of Ice Cube. BIC is a recommended character from Episode 22, but the actual appearance was in Episode 23. BIC was shown standing in front of Evil Shadow, who is behind BIC, although it is currently unknown if Evil Shadow is actually Bronze Ice Cube's shadow or not. BIC was recommended by Knowe386.

Electric Ice Cube

Electric Ice Cube is a recommended character from Zeeky Boogy Doog. Its face is similar to Roboty's.

Evil Ice Cube

Evil Ice Cube is a recommended character and an evil version of Ice Cube. In The Glistening, she wanted Ice Cube to be eliminated. It was recommended by DeeandEd.