A super fresh minty clean announcement is an unlisted announcement video that was uploaded on August 26, 2011. It is the BFDI contestants saying that the Jacknjellify channel was hacked. (Despite Jacknjellify not being hacked, soon to be found out, as it was a prank.) Its only animated part is when Leafy raises her hand, and the Announcer talking. This video can be found in the "Announcement Videos" playlist from jacknjellify's channel.



Good news everyone, we've been hacked!


Somebody logged into jacknjellify, and probably the same person. Also created "mikehtwins!"


Jacknjellify has been resolved! But mikehtwins... is not us.


Don't listen to mikehtwins. Keep calm, and carry on.


  • Leafy saying "Good news, everyone" is a reference to Futurama, when Professor Farnsworth says the quote and follows it up with the opposite of good news.

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