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Episode Gallery Transcript
Battle for Dream Island - Episode 12 "A Leg Up in the Race"07:08

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 12 "A Leg Up in the Race"


(Walks to Bubble reading "How to be Dumb" book but she accidentley pops her)


Hey Coiny, you're a penny, you're worthless!


Worthless isn't the right word, you meant to say I'm priceless!


You, priceless, Hahahaha! As if!


Well, at least I have a brain.



Tennis Ball

Whoa guys, calm down.


And what would you know Tennis Ball? You don't even have arms!


Well at least Tennis Ball knows more than you!


Really Coiny, you know? I, I would barf!


(Barfs on Tennis Ball)


If you won Dream Island.


Well, I wouldn't be surprised if I did!


So let's find out who won't win Dream Island. Last episode your little team 3 lost again. Go that way to the Cake at Stake Place.
(Cake at Stake Theme)


Squishy Cherries and Squashy Grapes
(Laughing at Another Name)


So the 2 of you with the most votes will leave the team. The Grapes which choose one to be on their team, and which one will be eliminated.

Tennis Ball

So that means only one of us is safe?!


Yes, that's true. And that safe person happen to be Firey, who got 9 out of the total 61 votes. Tennis Ball and Coiny. With 22 and 30 votes respectively, you both leave the team.






Grr! (Slaps Firey)


Whoa! Whoa! If I were you, I would not slap the most awesome person in the world.
(Camera pans to Grapes and the TLC)


Coiny and Tennis Ball, you two got the most votes. It is up to the Squashy Grapes to decide who'll stay, or will be eliminated.


Leafy, Icy, Blocky, please, let me stay, don't think of me, it's just the Firey slapper, think about me, someone who wants a second chance, at winning Dream Island!


That is the worst speech I ever-

Tennis Ball: But if he stays on your team, he wouldn't do you any good. He'll just slap Firey all day long.

Leafy: That's a good point!

Coiny: Wait, wait, No! You don't know how badly I wanna stay!

Leafy: Well, I think our team will have to pick... (choosing player) ...Tennis Ball.

Coiny: WHAT!?!?

Announcer: Coiny, it looks like it's the end for you.

(Coiny get dropped into the TLC)

(Announcer stamps Coiny OUT on the final contestants)

Leafy: Yay Tennis Ball, you're on our team!

Announcer: Actually, this episode, we're breaking up the teams. You are the Final 12, As a result, you're all getting a reward, BFDI DDSs. The super fun portable handheld videogame console will let you play the most exciting games on 12 screens. A dodecascreen. Plus, it's foldable. So yeah, you can play with those later. Right now, (uncovers the ladders) you have to climb these ladders. that is the 12th contest. Go!

(Everyone climbing except TB and Rocky)

Tennis Ball: How do I do this?

(Everyone still climbing)

Announcer: Come on, people. Let's go!

(Everyone is still climbing)

Announcer: Ha, ha, water balloons!

(The Announcer drops the water balloons onto the contestants)

(Throws a water balloon and Eraser falls and screams)

(Throws another water balloon and Bubble pops and Firey screams and dies)

(9 people climbing are left)

Pen: Yes, Number One! (Screen: 1-Pen)

Snowball: No, number two! (Screen: 2-SB and 3-Blocky)

(BRC recovers Bubble)

Bubble: Oh, oh no! oh no!

(Ice Cube in 4 and Leafy in 5)

Match: Yah!

Pencil: Yey!

Match: Way to go Pencil!

(Match in 6 and Pencil in 7, Eraser in 8 and Firey in 9)

Match: Good job Bubble!

Bubble: Finally!

(Bubble in 10)

Tennis Ball: Oh now what do we do?

(Rocky's barfing pushes him up and his score is in 11 and TB in 12.)

Announcer: Okay, so that are we're now here except for that clumsy Tennis Ball. Let's see the results.

Leafy: Uh, why we're standing on gray squares?

Announcer: I'll get to that later. So anyway, I'm give you all 30 bonus points.

Leafy: But this game doesn't even have points!

Announcer: Well, now it does!

(Gets 30 points to everyone. The platforms push up and everyone screams)

Firey: Whoawow!

Announcer: Your score carries over future episodes.

Snowball: Oh great, boring!

Announcer: Oh, and from now on, no more win tokens.

Eraser: So what happens to the 2 win tokens that I already have?

Announcer: They'll be traded for 15 points each.

(Blocky, Firey, and Pen have 45 points, but Eraser has 60 points)

Announcer: As another bonus, you get points depending on how well you did in the last contest.

(All getting points except for Tennis Ball)

Announcer: Also, for every vote you got any of the previous episodes, that's minus one point.

Firey: (Tasting Nonexisty) That's weird, do I taste peanut butter?


Firey: Okay, maybe not.

Announcer: Anyway, Pencil, As you may know, you're the only person who still hasn't ever gotten a vote.

Pencil: Yeah!

Announcer: Bubble, however, you got 1 vote.

Bubble: Oh no! (turns into 31 and the platform drops down) Waah!

Announcer: Ice Cube got 2 votes, in episodes 6 and 9.

Ice Cube: Wha? (turns into 40)

Announcer: Leafy and Eraser. You each have gotten 3 votes.

(Eraser sets 61 and Leafy sets 37)

Leafy: No!

Announcer: Match and Pen, you each have gotten 4 votes.

Match: (Sets to 34) OMG Seriously?

Pen: (Sets to 71) Well, I'm still in first!

Announcer: Blocky, you've gotten 10 elimination votes.

(Blocky sets to 50)

Announcer: And Firey, you got a total 14 votes.

(Firey sets to 34)

Match: Hey Firey!

Announcer: Rocky's recieved 15 votes.

(Rocky sets to 16)

Announcer: Snowball, you've been voted for 18 times all in episode 9.

Blocky: Bye bye.

(Snowball sets to 32)

(Firey, Match, Bubble, Tennis Ball laugh at Snowball)

Snowball: That laugh isn't fooling anyone!

Announcer: Tennis Ball, out of everyone here, you recieved the most votes, at 25.

(Tennis Ball finally sets to 5)

Announcer: So these are your current scores. Snowball, Bubble, Rocky, and tennis ball. You're the bottom third. So the voting will only be between the 4 of you. Voters, It is your time to cast your ballots. The person with the most votes will be eliminated.

(Sign appears "Comment to vote! Last day of voting is December 10, 2010." then "Episode 13 will be released on January 1, 2011.")


Tennis Ball: Firey?

Firey: Yeah?

Tennis Ball: I suggest you don't go around setting people you don't know on fire.

(All the recommended characters on fire)

(Episode ends here)

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