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2013 is the 3th year since the creation of BFDI and has more episodes of BFDIA until BFDI's big hiatus.


2nd January BFDIA 5a is released.

3th Febuary they got 3,000 subscribers on Jacknjellify channel.

11th Febuary an BFDIA 5b game is released.

11th April BFDIA 5c is released.

2th July BFDIA 5d is released.

1st August BFDIA 5e is released, and it's final part of Episode 5.

4th August another BFDI YTPMV released and it's called Last BFDI.

25th August they made a BFDI Clothes and T-Shirts.

26th August they made a BFDI Hiatus video which is the reason why BFDI is on hiatus along time.

27th August their first BFDI Livestream.

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