052. Never look back
052. Never look back
Level 052
World Yellow world
Game BFDIA 5b
Characters Book, Match and Ice Cube
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052. Never look back is the fifty-second level of BFDIA 5b. There is a wall of spikes on the far left that slowly advances towards the right end of the level, thus prompting the player to finish this level on a time limit.


The level starts off with Book, Match and Ice Cube. The terrain is yellow, and there is a wall of spikes on the left, the Hand-powered Recovery Center and a jump you'll have to make in order to advance.



Win Token Guide



Throwing the smaller half of the HPRC to the left side of the spikes, killing Match or Book, and reviving the dead contestant will put them on the opposite side of the spike wall. If you let the wall pass, you will not need to worry about moving fast. Instead, the wall will limit how fast you can go, instead of how slow you can go. (This cheat does not help speedrunners)

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