009. A companion
Level 009
World Red
Game BFDIA 5b
Characters Book

Companion Cube

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009. A companion is the ninth level in BFDIA 5b. It introduces usage of multiple levers and buttons to trigger their respective colored tiles, as well as some sort of trampolines.

In this level and more onwards, you will be accompanied with a Companion Cube, which you will use for the puzzles that include buttons.


The level starts off with Book and the Companion Cube appearing on the bottom of the level. There are two rows of deactivated blue and yellow tiles on the left. The blue tiles are on top of the yellow ones, both are accessible through a normal jump, and will led you to the upper platform which will be talked about later. On the right is a small area with a saw cruising around it. There are two one-way platforms, a long one at the center, and a shorter one to the right of it. They both are high enough for you to reach the red blocks surrounding a blue button. Upon triggering it, the blue "hidden" tiles will now be activated and allow you to reach the upper platform extending from the said area. The platform holds a yellow lever with a pink trampoline-like piston next to it.

Using the trampoline will bounce you up to a platform holding another trampoline, which you will again use it in combination with the Companion Cube to reach the nearest one-way platform, which will lead you to the second portion of the level. In order to reach the one-way platform said earlier, however, the Companion Cube must be left behind, still bouncing on the trampoline. After making your way of the two platforms, you will notice a green lever, controlling its respective colored tiles. When first encountered, a set of green tiles under the one-way platform you jumped onto to get to the lever is deactivated, whilst another set used to access to the platform on the left is activated. Switching the lever will activate one, and deactivate the other. However, the Companion Cube is essential for the later "puzzle", so you will have to figure out a way on how to get the Cube through with you.

Reaching the left platform will contain a drop down leading to a trampoline. Jumping on it bounce you up to three one-way platforms which marks the third, and the final part of the level. The platform that was containing the spike when you were crossing the lower platform will now be your jumpable bridge separating the longest one-way platform and the platform with the exit.



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