008. A friend
World Red
Game BFDIA 5b
Characters Book
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008. A friend is the eighth level in the game BFDIA 5b. It introduces a new box that will stick with you through the later levels, Companion Cube.


Book appears on the bottom center. On the left is a yellow button with a short wall that Book could jump up to reach the one-way platform, where she could jump up again to reach the high platform. On the bottom right is the yellow-colored tiles that block off the way to the exit door.

The high platform are held on a one-way platform, where there is one block on top of it and on the wall to make the entrance and exit of that "box". The box includes two spikes that patrol in a rectangular order that starts 3-block away from the entrance and end 3-block away from the opposite exit. There is a round square with an angry face that patrols the passageway of the box. At the end of the box holds your future companion, Companion Cube.


Move as fast as possible to the outside of the top platform. When the square moves to the left of the top platform for the second time (not counting the time it did when starting/resetting the level). As soon as it moves to the second spike (to avoid begging touched by the first spike), run and stop just slightly to the right of the first spike. When the square is approaching you, make a small jump over it. If you are fast, just run through the second spike. If you are delayed, wait until the spike has just went down for a second time, then run over it; you can still outrun the square. Remember to jump over the block at the end of the top platform, if you did it late for just a second, the square can catch up to you. After you have exited the box, grab the Companion Cube, and falls down. Drop the Cube on the yellow piston, after that, the yellow wall should disappear. Just go to the door, and the level is finished.

Win Token Guide

After you've got the Companion Cube, try to throw it to the highest platform in the left. After you've done that, jump on the Companion Cube to reach the Win Token which is located right at the top left of the level. When you've grabbed the Win Token, simply take the Companion Cube and put it on the yellow button and complete the level.


Level 800:35

Level 8

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