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• 3h

What’s inside the bakery?

Guess! (It’s not cake or cupcakes or bread.)
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• 7h

Why am I posting too much?

Idk I just like too when i’m bored and if ya think dis is sucky than go ahead idc tbh...
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• 7h

Hi dudes

Ok so I know this is not bfdi related AT ALL but I just wanna say if u have tik tok follow albert..flamingo b/c uhhhhh yeah
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• 8h

Blood drops wappy zappa camp

Here's the link if you want to join
Blood drops wappy zappa camp | BFDI💖 Amino
Blood drops wappy zappa camp | BFDI💖 Amino BFDI💖 |
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• 10h

:3 shoot i’m bored

So I made this and omg must be one of the most adorable art pieces I ever made
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• 12h
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• 15h

Random thing I have to say

I’m most likely gonna be here on the weekends or a while....or i’ll be online if theirs something interesting going on or a rp other i’m bored other than that I’m mostly gonna be here on a weekend OH SHOOT I FORGOT I HAD SCHOOL IN A FEW MINUTES
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• 24h

Where is everyone

But I won't be as active either, because I have lots of stuff on in the next few days (which is unusual for me)
Anyways here's a random image I made
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• 1d

BFB 4444444444444444444

So I found this weird episode that was titled (The title of this post, duh) And I couldn’t play it without my computer crashing. The thumbnail was Photo Negative four. Can somebody tell me what this is? Also I can’t find it anymore. Was this a glitch?
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• 1d

Imma bored

Notice me plz so either my camp or ask OCs

Which one do you guys want to participate in
  • Battle For Fame (camp)
  • Ask/Dare my OCs Wave 1
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• 1d


My sister found my beanie and put it on our cat and this is what happened:
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• 2d

Ask/Dare my OCs thing

It's in my blog posts, Just like the sign ups

Who do you want to Ask first
  • Splashini
  • Blood Juice
  • FLAT Zone
  • Aye Wallace
  • Digital Alarm Clock
  • Amplifier
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• 2d
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• 2d

It’s just me trying out free body assets over the internet

Okay so this object asset was free and the objects name is coke cola ice cube - also i drew some limbs on it
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• 2d


I didn't add Woody and david and roboty

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• 3d

Do you know this song?

Nobody will probably know this song ;3
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• 3d
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• 3d

Battle For Fame discord server

Everyone, I have A Discord server, It's for my camp, "Battle for fame." If you want to join, then you have to sign up for my camp. K

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• 3d
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• 3d

Join my discord (why am i even doing this)

Friend me in discord my name is Pig fetus and my 4 digits are 5552. Or u can send me ur name and 4 digit code and I'll friend u. Then I'll invite u to my server
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